Footballers are incredibly cynical people. They are also incredibly dumb. Otherwise how can one explain their actions like:1. Launching into a crunching two-legged tackle that leaves their opponent writhing on the ground with agony and then feigning complete innocence, claiming that they were going for the ball2. Collapsing on to the ground (and writhing with agony, of course) inside the penalty area if a defender so much as breathes on them, in the hopes of scamming a penalty out of the referee3. Pulling an opponent’s hair , when they think the referee is not looking4. Exaggerating their injuries when fouled so that the opponent receives a yellow card (or hopefully even gets sent off)5. Raising their hands righteously to claim the throw-in when the ball goes out of play, even though they were the last to touch it (I used to think they were being sooo fair and all, conceding they had last touched the ball, but man, was I wrong!)when they know full well that the cameras are recording every one of these actions?

Absolutely captivating for me ,so much so that I also took part in the recently held competetion.It was a knock out round I played from the “Seven Wonders”.No player was allowed to play from two teams ,except me.My opponet was “Red Devils” and I was the gola keeper.lost by 3-2.Next match was with the “Abba Dabba Jabba” and that too we lost by the 2-0.


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