Roaming in South India

“Mohabbat ki rangeneeyan chod aaye,
Tere shahar main,ek jahan chod aayen…”

Yes friends it was very much like the above verse ,when I finished my journey of the Great South India.

Infact I’ve already visited some of the places in that region like Rameshwaram,Kanyakumari,Kovalam ,Kocchin,Marina beach,Coimbotore ,Ooty to name a few.(alas I forgot to mention Andaman & Nicobar islands).The roamer inside me again got awoke and this time I decided to explore the places which were thrilling & new to me .

Obviously,all alone.Whether it’s a boating in dul lake in kasmir or the largest budhha monastry in RumTake(sikkim) or a tashangu lake of ice near China boarder or small and sacred Nepal,I’ve always been there –done that all alone.Have seen the Batasila loop from toy train in Darjeelling,been to great Mount Abu temple in Gujarat or played and participated with nice energizing abhangas in konkan and goa ,with myself.

What places now,one may ask.Well have some patience ,I am coming to that and that too with all the adventures I had undergone.

Before I proceed let me say something about my kind of travel.I always prefer traveling on my own alone, and rough it out the complete itinerary ,staying it out in very inexpensive hotels(dharmshalas,friends’ place or bench on the station itself –so many times),eating the local street food(what delicious it is all the times ,when you feel the energy of the
local culture and dynamics).I am the backpacker, a playful traveler who is very methodological about his travel but, dear- destination itself is not clear.

A pair of comfortable jeans,3 colourful T-shirts ,2 full shirts,one black trouser,camera -and here I left for south India –the glamorous, spiritual, adventurous, traditional and full of everything part of India.

”Hum na gul hai naa khat hai,jo mahakate jaayen..,
Aag ki tarah ,jidhar jaayen ,bahakate jaaye.”
It was 4th June,when I took a bus to Bangalore from Pune.There are many friends in Bangalore.But Bangalore was not my destination.

I went to Hebbal for 3 days ,where one of my friends –Mukul is residing ,having his own electronics business,thinking that I’ll learn some entrepreneurial skills from him and also morning and evening can be spent on the lake side of Hebbal beauty and on the flyover(the longest in Asia).

Then came the time to leave Bangalore.Took a bus to Salem-Tamilnadu.And to my delight found the colour in every and each section of the Tamilnadu. The bus stand is very good and big .The same day I left for the
Yercaud ,which is just 25 kms away from the Salem and a hill station.

To my surprise I observed Yercaud fairly competing with the northern beauties like Kullu-Manali and Masoori and that very moment decided to stay there for a week .The better part is ,there is not much rush and mob I found reasonably cheap hotel in Yercaud and stayed for
almost 5 days and nights.There are beautiful scenic points in the Yercaud -a lake ,sun rise point and the hill top from where one can see the Salem-completely.

Back to Salem and took a bus towards Thiruchi.A big city with big and gigantic shops especially of Sarees and small bus stand.In Thiruchi ,I took a dormitory-where I stayed for 3 days.Here I could feel the aura of Tamilnadu,and how great feeling it was?There was one day trip to Tanjavur-to see the Brihadeshawar temple of Shiva.The temple is the largest one made up of granite stone in the world,feeling was really one of its own kind.After having darshan I was back to Trichi.What a satiating food in banana leaves ,with rice and sweet daal.
Such a joy ,I was into.

Back to Bangalore,and spent some quality time with my friends.Came to know about Abhijit and Deepak planning for the marriage,Manish’s coming to Chennai from Rihand NTPC.Deepak prepared his special Pulao which he learned from his mother one day on a telephone .It was really very delicious.

Visited Abhinav at 12.30AM ,in Indiranagar,and thank god he was awake.We had some really nice chat on our future plans and all,and not to forget on astrology( he was my foremost astrological friend indeed).

Unfortunately Sachin was off to Hyderabad with some work.After staying for some days in Koramngala at my friend’s place ,I left for Hospet and then towards Humpi.My aunt is a music teacher at Bellari-central school ,which
is some 2 hrs from Humpi so there was no problem of staying.I spent almost 8 hours exploring the ruins of Vijaynagar dynasty and believe me it was one of the best moments of my life.

”Jindagi se Yahi Gila hai muje,
Tu bohot der se mila hai mujhe…”

After seeing the Tunga Bhadra(T.B dam,as it’s called by the locals) ,I was at Bellari where I was for 2 days then back to Bangalore again with my
My last trip was to Chennai and Mahabalipuram to see the 6th to 10th Century Rockcut monuments of Pallava Dynasty. It is a town populated by hundreds of rock carvers. They come from all over India to study here, probably due to the 20 or so rock carved temples that are scattered around the town. From dusk till dawn there is a continual chorus of picks chipping away at rocks. The people here are laid back compared to their big city counterparts, but as everywhere in India you are still inundated by the locals to purchase things or asked for money. I quickly learnt how to deal it – a quick shake of the head and confidently walking ahead.
From Chennai I came back to Bangalore and saw the planetarium,Murugesh Palya –the temple ,Vishwarayaa science museum with my niece.

It was the time to say good bye to south India ,as much of my work was pending here at Pune.But now can say I’ve become a good guide for the “Tour de India”.


2 thoughts on “Roaming in South India”

  1. Good Man ..Really good to visit so many places ..” Itna Sundar apna jahan hai .. Sab dekhane ke liye dil Qurban hai mehek utati hai mitti ki khushbu. Geet gaati hai hawaeen… Yeh main kahan hooon … Is dharti pe ya .. asmaan main ..”I really love to travel… Feels gr8 when someone achieves it.

  2. Yes,Harshad that’s right.Everyone should travel ,go for long journeys or short journeys,alone –they teach one a lot .Being with oneself ,one starts understanding inner self better,one learns about how difficult the life is,and how simple can it be made.In search of the truth ,in search of oneself ,no targets away from the clutter/mob near to the infinite galaxies.

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