I’ll not quit

I am deeply hurt ,for the developments that has taken in the last couple of days.

Politics is really a bad word and when it enters in the sacred territory of Music(art),then there is apathy and discontentment.

The same thing I could observe in the 61st anniversary program of the Pt.Suresh Samant.

It was felicitation ceremony of Guruji ,embedded with a 3 hrs Tabla Solo program by Tabla Maestro Pdt.Anindo Chatterji.Naturally it was all Musical (Tablamay) environment in the theatre ,and all Tabla artists in the region of Western India (Maharashtra) have came to watch it.

The program was excellent but the communication between the artists among them and speeches were really bad ,stinking/smelling with the dirt of groupism and all.

Especially Pdt .Anindo’s ,intentions of making some space in Pune,Mumbai for himself by launching his foundation of ‘Anindo Musical Foundation’

which infact organized the whole program.I was the silent observer and listener of all those malign words the artists create for the other fellow people and try to give over emphasis on themselves.The way in which Pt.Sureshji was honoured was also quite disheartening, and the environment became heavy to the extent that Panditji couldn’t decide what must he say at the moment on stage.

I quote a few lines from Ameya’s poetry-
I Will Not Quit!

I will not quit until the battle’s won;

I will not quit until I hear the words, “well done!”

Though rough be the way,

And hard be the fight,

I will not quit the conflict and right!

There’s much to be gained,

True choices to make……

Lord, show me the path –

Just the right one to take!


One thought on “I’ll not quit”

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