Motia Khan and Jhande Wallah

I have just visited Jhande Wallan and Motia Khan ,and felt that I had some long relationship with the place.Just though to write something on the same–

Akele main hum to ghabra gaye ,
Yeh achha kiya ki tum aa gaye ||

Din ka kohra ,Raat main ghane saaye,
Kuch aisa laga ki, Hum hai paraye ||

Resham ki chubhan,Aasuon main angare,
Mere jaisa koi kisi, Sooli per chadh jaaye ||

Koi jadoo itna sar chadh kar bole,
Hum baat phir wohi hi doharaye ||

Rehane lage the ,Hum kuch khoye khoye ,
Mohabbat ki ibadat ,Hum hai nibhaye ||


4 thoughts on “Motia Khan and Jhande Wallah”

  1. Yeh Jhande Wallan ,hai kidhar??kahin Jaliya Wallan ,Punjab ki to bat nahi kar rahe.Suli per chadhane se aisa hi kuch samajh main aa raha hi):

  2. Hi Swapan,Motia Khan is a great place to hang on ,and it is said to be the place where Amir Khusro sahab and even Chisti Sufi -Nizamuddin Ouliya has spend considerable amount of their life(youth).

  3. I would suggest you to visit Ajmer Sharif befor heading towards Banaras.It is a great place to dance and engross in the beauty of spirituality.and man -Pushkar is also not far off.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion Kumud,I have already planned on the same.I am waiting for some of the friends to join me soon ,within this weekend .Now as I am here , I feel like going to Leh(Manali to Leh-the highest road in the world),I did miss the last time I had been here.Now the point is whether ,i am going to Chittorgarh and Udaipur too or just after Pushkar_Ajmer and Jaipur -Bikaner & get back .Anyways’ will see..

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