Transformation we have to bring

Ccutting edge is always awaited which can change irrelevant ideologies and customs which represent conventions good for nothing, to something which is not followed just because it is written somewhere or is believed to be said by someone, but is in existence for better life form. The secret of existence is not just to live but to play your part in the transformation for the greater good. This doesn’t points to change in any particular religion, nation, class or genders way of action at certain point of time but presents a fact that transformation is a continuous rule of time and we are responsible for whether the change is for superior or inferior values and form of life.


6 thoughts on “Transformation we have to bring”

  1. But there is a fundamental difference here only.Don’t you think that we have made missiles and nuclear bombs ,we reached billions of miles further to Mars and moving further apart,have manufactured rockets and cars ,4G mobile networks -but how long one tries to go inside onself (just inches ),what about the self realisation??This technology is just claiming to connecting people but it is making one’s soul away from the body….

  2. What you say ,when someone like Microsoft tries to aggressively expresses its monoply ,then naturally it bcomes the question of integrity and ethics and on e must go against them .We cannnot join our hand with them,considering the patents and revenues and all the similar stuff ,here one has to speak loudly …..Technology cannot become greater than the ethics and integrity..

  3. Abhishek, In simple words we have to realize what is right and what is wrong, follow our heart and brain; make as much difference as we can as an individual in our self therefore the society we live in. Because if every individual tries to improve himself that combined effort would be tremendous.

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