Phool:The Flower

Things are moving fast,thougths are coming ,communication is happening and there is a new hope ,new goal -amidst clutter ,mob,noise and discerepency that is universal ,still tremendous joy for being free ,for being one with someone who is really your own,to find someone whom you can respect (a rare phenomena) to feel the so called enlightenment (is it??),for launching one to the moon,where I am there ,my saaz is there and the world which I can call as mine.

And in all this thought process ,there are some flowers in the remotest part of the Goa (WADI village),the sacred ,beautiful,and enchanting…………….

Kya Kahna Phoola ka,
Baag, bagiche ka anchal jhalka ||

Rang Birange Phool Dekhe,
Khushiyo se man kuch aise mehka ||

Sundar hai ye kehna,
Mano koyi mat samajna
Par dil ke in sache Phoolo se milna ||

Kabhi Dukh Nahi Denge Tumhe,
Pyar se bhar yeh denge
Tute Rishto ko Jod Denge ||

Apne khud se tute to bhi kya
Humrahi bankar tumhara sath denge,
Sans lenge, Jite rahenge. ||

Samajna to yah hai ki
Woh Bajigar Bange Ladte rahenge,
Hasi Khushi Apna Pyar Bate,
Alvida se vida ho Jayenge….

Har Ghadi Khare utare
Mat bole, thame rahange tumko
Ek din ye duniya Chode
Shahid ho uthenge, yaad rahenge ||


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