At least once….

Latest flick from Ameya,which I don’t believe much into .A person who(me) is reading Gopal Godse’s book-“Gandhi Hatya aur Main”,because of which ,Nathuram Godse is the hero of me, and quite impressed by the his intellectual,spiritual calibre,and the courage .It has just inculcated the thrust to go beyond the boundries of something ,which obviously makes time so short for doing other things…..Isn’t it????

At least once, one must love
To feel the beauty, like a sweet-soft ‘Dove’.

At least once, mistake must occur
To cherish the improvement, reminding yourself that you had suffered.

At least once, one must serve
To help the needy(poor), charging your innocent nerve.

At least once, make success your friend
To train the heart and mind, meeting hand in hand.

At least once, pray before God
To know yourself better, which shall protect you from all odds.

At least once, live the lonely life
To leave with God, Finally with a happy style.


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