Started playing football that is replacing my time spent in the Gym and snooker now a days.It gives such a great pleasure to come back to home after you are fully swet out.It is really therapeutic .While keeping the goal ,I was also hit in the index finger ,that is breaking my riyaaz at least for a couple of days .I believe that after the finger recovers ,it would get more power than earlier.Amen..
The lord Ganesha has been installed and am missing the energy and fervour of Pune dearly.The dance ,the masti ,and devotion-are incomparable over there.
Laddakh path through Manali has opened ,that is a great news for me ,as soon from 1st Sep to 16th Sep ,the festival is going to happen.Real icing on the cake ,isn’t it??I am not going to let it off .The Laddakh festival will be followed by Pushkar Festival,Surajkund Mela and Sawai Gandharva Festival ,during october/november.Too much work for a little man -that is me..

Daily sing the prayer
Of lovely God and Mother.
Full swing shall come your way,
Of bloom and lively matter.

It shall cast the shadow
Of care and belongingness.
For you must know, this is –
Because of your love and closeness

Peace shall rest within
When prayer starts morning day.
‘Hope’ strengthen and builds you,
To live and appreciate longing stay…

Pray the Almighty
And Chant the sparkling name.
Your day must range in blessings,
Giving life a meaningful change.


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