The life is great and next few days of my life are going to be just full of adventure for me.
First of all spicmacay has launched it’s schedule for the current quarter (upto December),and the next is world cup hockey .

Accompaniests of the likes of Pt.Kishan Maharaj,Mithilesh Kumar Jha,Akram Khan,Resp. Nayan Ghosh,Akram Khan ,Vijay Ghate,Mohan Shyam Sharma will be there,most of whom I’ve not seen playing.Hopefully Dr.Aneesh ji will also be visiting Delhi the same time.

In hockey ,I am very optimistic of India’s great performance, as the world cup is again happening in Germany and India is colored in “AZURE”.It reminds me of Italy’s victory in Berlin ,”the team effort “was shown by them.After injury to Sandip Thakur & Jugraj Singh and inclusion of Bhaskaran as a coach ,I can see tremendous focus on the field goals and the unity in efforts by the “Team India”.And this is what makes the great team different from the ordinary.Yes,return of Sohail Abbas from the retirement will also make Pakistan worth a dekho.

Some good news of Brajesh’s coming to Noida is also overwhelming other than Abhinav’s “about to get settled in life by marrying on 25th september”.

Aansu behte do tarah ke
Khushiyo; aur gum se bhare
Kya nahi kehte ye pal se
Aap hi ke liye; man halke se jiye.

Jab, jit sanman ka vakt aata
Hum rehte josh se bhare
Anand ke ansu aate
Humare halke aankho se khare.

Kharab samay ka pucho mat
Hajaro dard-lekar, samet leta
Usi vakt ke ansuo ki dhar
Man ko kamjor kar, prani haar jata.

Yahi aansu humare jindagi se
Sath-sath chalte…
Kabhi haste-rehte, to kabhi dukhi hote
Par hume ye dilasa dete
Ki mere liye-hi, log
Aapki bhavnaon ki kadr karte.
Samajte rehte, jindagi ji lete.


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