Journey of Kashmir Valley in Delhi Heat

It was Jubilee Hall in the North Campus of the Delhi University.The day was saturday and after finishing my riyaaz in the afternoon
I took a siesta and left for the place where Pdt.Bhajan Sopori was about to perform.More than santoor,I was eager to listen to the Tabla by Ustad Rafiuddin Sabri.
I have heared many performers but they (most of them) were following Farrukhabad baaz,Banaras baaz,Lucknow baaz or Delhi baaz.Rarely did I see the follower of Ajrada baaz.
Desperate to listen to Rafiuddin Sabri since the days of “The World This Week”,as it was a great tune of Tabla composed and played by the Ustad.
Bhajan ji was dressed in white kurta while Rafiuddin was in a pure black, a deadly combination for he spectators on display.
The concert started with raag Gawati and the audience was explained how the raag is so similar to the other raagas by giving the examples.Rafiuddin was great in starting with the chakkardar
in true Delhi style, in which he used only two fingers to produce the magic.
It reminded me of the NDTV compositions (which happens to be played by Sabri himself).
The concert ended with a melodious baageshri dhun,which Pdt. Bhajan made the audience to follow him too.The lyrics(bandish) was stimulating ,the raag more so and Tabla on its peak.The mesmerising “SOPORI BAAJ” made the audience to feel at home in Kashmir valley,while still in Delhi at 38 degree celsius.


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