Gompas,Glaciers and 11 Monkies

Mohabbat ki rangeneeyan chod aaye,
Tere shahar main,ek jahan chod aayen…”

Yes friends,it is very much the similar emotions I am undergoing, when I start to pen down my thoughts on my visit to the Lahoul & Spiti
valley.High mountains on one side and the beautiful incessant rivers on the very other side,big valleys of Chanderbhaga,Pin and Spiti rivers,extremely
energising and leisurely glaciers around me,and on the hill top just below the cover of snow there are peaceful Gompas, definitely suggests that it is
the place of God and is noway a place for man indeed,the same Rudyard Kipling has said about this region.

”Hum na gul hai naa khat hai,jo mahakate jaayen..,
Aag ki tarah ,jidhar jaayen ,bahakate jaaye.”

A pair of comfortable jeans,3 colourful kurtas ,one black trouser,camera -and here I left for the valley –the glamorous, spiritual, adventurous, traditional and full of everything part of India.With me was the “Commander In Chief” of this expedition “Sushrut”.

We left for the “Keylong”- the capital town of the region on a Himachal Road Transport Corporation(HRTC) bus.The considerably long jorney of almost 22 hours was
mesmerisingly nullified by the beautiful scenary on the way that worked as a therapeutic experience for us -it was like some spiritiual power is elevating us from all kinds of worldly agonies.Is it not true that god helps only courageous souls who take the bold decisions like going to unexplored and virgin places and create the roadmap for the followers??
“Manzilien unhi ko milti hai,jinke sapno mein jaan hoti hai…
Pankh se kuch nahi hota,sirf hoslon ki udaan hoti hai….”

We stayed in the Neelkanth Nalwa’s guest house ,from where the scenarey was visible beautiful most possibly.Covered a few places for the warming up ourselves
by going to exploring the shops,houses and the roads of the town.

Next day we left for the Udaipur and Triloknath temples.Scintillating clean river Chander was running besides the road,the chief suggested that we go to riverside and have our snacks there.Done ,and we had darshan of Triloknath temple .The temple is of Lord Shiva and Buddhha hence hindus and buddhists both devotees come there for propitiation.Infact the murti is such that the Lord Shiva’s idol has Lord Buddha carved in his head.Tremendous spiritiual energy level could be felt when we had the pradakshina by rotating the prayer cyllinders,surrounding the temple.

The Udaipur temple was said to be built by Vishwakarma,when pandavas were on there 1 year agyatwas.Interestingly the temple is made up of wood of a single tree .All the facts of Mahabharta are carved into the upper and side walls of the temple .Infact it is said that Vishwakarma has speculated the major events of mahabharta (like Karna & Arjun yudhha in which Karna is a lone fighter and Arjun is accompanied by Krishna and Hanuman,the killing of Bhisma and others),to give a signal to Pandavas to be prepared for the future.

Afte returning at house we discussed plenty of our future activities like Sushruts’s plans about KURG and his other friends and their unerstanding as well as maturity quotients.May be someday it’ll help us to implement those beautiful ideas and commitments we took on those lonely days ,after doing so much of introspection ,analysis ,counter arguments -getting away from the clutter and mob of big cities and all that obstruction.

Next day we left for the Kardang Gompa ,the high altitude trek that seemed to take all our energy our and enervated us.But somehow the absolute willingness conquered the trivial level of lack of energy & stamina.And anyways when when 2 Indians(me and Sushrut) are there then 1 + 1 becomes 11 .

At length had conversation with the Kiwi and the German couple in Gompa .I was surprised to listen to all that good stuff about Indians by those people and reassured myself in my return trip via Manali & Chandigargh that yes we (the Indians) are in the right direction indeed.
“Jindagi se Yahi Gila hai muje,
Tu bohot der se mila hai mujhe…”


7 thoughts on “Gompas,Glaciers and 11 Monkies”

  1. Hi all, Really ur poetic comments are scientilating, and description of the scenery is very good, the good thing is along with hindi u have very good english description also, good use of words, really may some of us have missed the place, we may have to wait at least next year to see that place.

  2. Thanks friends,it was my long desire to become a travel writer(poet),but anyways.Just to inform you that we’ll be going for a trip again on 2nd November to 5th November to PUSHKAR.Let us enjoy the festival.

  3. Swapnil, this is the second blog of yours I am reading… and feel like reading all others. I shall squeeze some time to read them. Can you upload few pictures for each tour? Also, I am feeling jealous for you.. I do not why I shall let you know once I figure it out.

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