The Spiritual Walk

There could not have been any better place to rome other than the Pushkar for those 2 days.And we were the ones going everywhere– whether it is
the centre of the mela ground talking to the winner of the camel and horse races surrounded by the 10000 people( in camouflage of being photographers) ,or encouraging & applauding for the Pushkar team against the rest of the world team for the “Tug of War” giving an impresssion that we are also dragging the rope for our team,whether it is that remotest part of the desert towards the Jaisalmer in the full moon night,or it is the camel safari in the midst of the crowd- piercing through the market,whether it is creating those wildest cheers & chirps in the jhoolas of the fair,or it is wearing that dark funky kurta payjamas while clicking those local awesome folk dancers gyrating and showing their skills on the beautiful rajasthani rythm—yes, we have done it all and much more than that.

Bhari mehfil mein tanha mujhe rehna sikha diya ,
Us SAFAR ne duniya ko jhoothha kehna sikha diya,
Har dard ek khushi ka ehsaas deta hai ab to,
Us ek raat ne jindagi ne mujhko jina sikha diya……….

Our “karwan” this time included me,”Jujharu Jatin”,and “great debugger friend Shakthi”.Reached Pushkar at 11AM on the Poornima day,and after looking some huts & Sarovars,we checked in “Goyal Inn”,which was just in the middle of the market from where we had a glimse of the two mountains where Gayatri and Savtri temples are built,the arcitectural miracle of Rangji temple,peaceful gurudwara and the crowd everywhere.

We started our spiritual walk to the Brahma temple—
Musafir ki nazren bulandi pe theen,
Magar raste sab dhalanon ke they..

At Badri Ghat we had small bath and resumed our walk.From the ghat one can see the all white houses of the locals surrounding the beautiful sacred lake,with all colourful people on the ghat, a great inspiration for a painter and common man indeed.
Ham ko malum hai jannant ki haqiqat lekin; dil ko khush rakhne ko Ghalib yeh khayal achha hai!

It was 2PM and we had the darshan of Lord Bramha.After the darshan I had accomplished my target of pilgrimage to the 12 jyotirlingas(Shiva),4 dhamas(Vishnu) and the only temple of Lord Brahma.Straight away went to the fair ground where beautiful ,healthy cattles were on sale.Cows,bulls,horses and camels were the prominent cattles on display.It was such a great experience- when you feel an altogether different environment away from cellphones,device drivers,gadgets,journals,literature,medicines and enjoy the sonorous ancient folk music on sarangi,dholak with such a mellifluous voices of the regional women ably supported by men,the whole new concept of animals where they’ve been tried to look beautiful and healthy to the best.
From the regime of numbers to the republic of art..
Oh my god ! I want to stay here…..

Plenty of enthusiasm and energy was left even after we left for the remote part crossing the cattle fair towards the sunset point.We spent our evening on every possible jhula in the fair,that satisfied our quest for the thrill.

In the night we enjoyed the authentic folk music of Mewar and adventures on the rythm by those experts in dance.It was great to see the legacy being passed on from one to another and very therapeutic to experience that we were the witness of such a great culture.
Mehsoos kar tujhe dil aur bhi betab lage hai,
Yeh kaisee haqikat hai jo khwab lage hai….

The Sunday began with watching Camel race at 10AM followed by the horse race and Tug of War between the local people and the visitors from foreign land.We did fortunately take some cool snaps of the events from as close as 1 feet which was under tight security surrounded by almost 10000 people who were not allowed to enter and were mere spectators from the long distance.We consider the opportunity as a blessing from the Lord Brahma itself and left for Ajmer Sharif,the same afternoon.
kismat pur aitbar kisko hai,
Mil jaye kushi inkaar kisko hai,
kuch mazboorian hai mere DIL,
Warna judai se pyaar kisko hai.


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