Crossing the borders

Safar jis ka muqqadar hoo usey roka nahi kartey,
Jo dhhun ho kar guzarney ki to phir socha nahi kartey ||

Why is there so much desire to go that extra mile in other person’s territory,the territory which is only understood by human being, because they have only made it-the ownership,the belongingness,the constrains,potentiallity and the ultimate selfishness.I don’t know and may be it is because of this ignorance only, why I left for exploring the one,the easiest of them all, for Indians infact –the Nepal.

It was my first visit to Nepal and one of the many that I had till now. Being an amateur, I travel a lot and try to learn heavily from the traveling. Most of the time due to timing reasons, traveling is restricted to scheduled places and time limit. But arrving at 0830 hrs in banaras-the ancient Indian centre of knowledge and awakening, I could not restrict myself. At one time, it was India & Nepal’s scholarly destination. All the oldies of both the countries today brag about the reminiscences of Banaras.

Early morning tranquility at the river bank was accentuated by few melodies, hymns and prayers. I saw various ‘Math’ made by the pandas, felicitors of punya, praying there. They are the authority to the path to God, I thought sadly, people come from various places to perform rituals for their dead relatives, to ensure their path to heaven is not obstructed. And to ensure their ‘Aatma’ doesn’t loiter around in uncertainty.

I sat down on the steps at one corner. The sun brought with it a warm golden beauty in the waters. The mighty Goddess Ganga wrapped in an orange sari, I felt, has awakened from sleep, with the boats shadowing against the background of the big orange ball of fire, I blessed myself for getting my camera a. Sun God had come to meet the Goddess Ganga, just raised from sleep, taking bath in open, to the ecstasy of the whole world. The poet in me was quenched. The adventurer evoked. Immediately, a boat was called eighthy rupees for an hour ride. When I climbed the dangling caricature of one of the oldest means of transportation, I prayed God. Fearing, they might punish me for mischievously intervening into their early morning love making. I looked at the sun, bit brighter now, and warmer (because of the recent interaction? ), he looked indifferent. I was depressed. But …. they are Gods.

Sardi ki thitarti shamon mein
Barkha mein barasti sochon ki
Garmi mein chamkti ankhon ki
Surkhi mein bharaktay honton ki
Umron mein bhatkti yadon ki…..
“Kuch batein likh nahin paya!”

Moments like this delude your logic and defy sciences. With thousands of years of heritage combined with the opulence of nature all around me, I was feeling gratified, satiated. The Boatman told about the kashi Vishwanath temple,about the ghat and about many other things. But most interesting incident for me was simple incident that mystified my vanity. Pertaining to my fair complexion and gate-up, he presumed me to be a foreigner. He started talking in English, which of course was as good or as bad as his boat. Enough to ride through even the deepest waters, but broken, shabby and quivering at many places. I silently kept nodding, fantasying on the newly found identity of myself, my Vanity sailing high. I ignored his question of nationality by further deep queries on the history of the city, his occupation and type of people he met. His amazement, embarrassment and amusement erupted together at the end of my voyage in his ship. When, at last I talked in Hindi he stared at me for sometime startled by my move. He hugged me. I was convinced that he is convinced.

The other half of the day was spent in the Sarnath,the place where Buddhism was born and Lord Budhha gave his first discource to 7 students.The town has beautiful Chinese,Japanese,Korean,Thai,Hindu,Jain temples and this is where I purchased a Banarasi sari from one of the factories.The large Peepal tree,which was grown by the daughter of the king Ashoka,Sanghamitra ,when she came from Bodhgaya(the place where Budhha got the Bodhisatva).This small town is a home to so many languages,and thoughts .Her only I came to know about the deeper meaning of Buddhism,the life and the preachings of Buddha,the Nirvana,his life cycle,bodhisatwa,heenyaan and mahayanas and intricacies and folk tales of jataka.

I could just pray for the enlightenment,making myself strong,going for self relization and say something to myself–

Tumhe jab kabhi milain fursatain…
Meray dil sey yeh bojh utar do,
Mein bohat dinon sey udas hoon..
Mujhay koi shaam udhar do!

Kisi or ko meray haal sey
Koi gharz hay na koi wasta
Mai bikhar gaya hoon samait lo,
Mai bigar gaya hoon sanwar do.

Mujhey koi shaam udhar do!
Meray dil sey yeh bojh utar do.

Via Banaras we left for the only hindu country in the world .The country which has highest mountain in the world and the oldest town in the south Asia and which is the birth place and residence of one of the two most stable and peaceful religions of the world -Buddhism and hinduism.

While going towards Katmandu we passed through the Lumbini(Soloni-Kathmandu road),the birth place of Budhha.Reached the capital of Nepal and after roaming in the New Road market,darbar road market we rested for the night .The next day was booked for visiting Bhaktapur -our mission.

This was the first time I have been to this miraculous,charming old city, which is very famous for its architecture.It is infact the birth place of Lord Dattatreya,and has a beautiful temple of the god in the heart.Just a few meters away is darbar square, that has the largest temple in the pagoda style called as Natyapola.

Tremendous experience was that,after looking at the gigantic pagoda style temple and aura surrounding the Bhadgon,the poet and an artist in me could just bless Ameya for such an excellent expression..

May I ask a question ?
Why we don’t understand ourselves
Is it because we are not, what we are
Or because we have to be different.
Yes, the road to follow, is the one
which satisfy our well-being.

May I ask a question?
Why the struggle fall short of our effort
Is it because we remain careless
Or we don’t understand its fruit for a long run.
Yes, to make a mark of our existence;
We must struggle to be placed best in life.

May I ask a question?
Why money should centre as a point of hope
Is it because we are undefined without it
Or money outwards the valued man.
Yes, we must wake up to enlighten
the war between man verses money.

May I ask a question?
Why we remember God only at our bad times
Is it because we find ourselves lost at that point
Or since we are helpless without God’s help.
Yes, we must recollect to find peace and
blessings of God at our good and bad times.


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