Give me the way …

Following thoughts are the fusion between me and Ameya.One can observe the distinct rythms into which the trivenis (couplets,quadraplets ) are composed.There is music in it,there are beats in it (Jhoomra and dadra may be)..


Give me the way
To think and quietly say,
Today is your day
Work hard, to remain fresh
as bright and wide sunrays .

Give me the way…
To remain polite so that,
Wisdom runs round and stay.
Calling myself again and again
To be best among everyone,
Happy, contended always.

Give me the way ….
So to serve from myself
Poor and needy, in runways
The best heartly pray,
I sing the melody
To awake and make them fresh.

Give me the way …..
Do good to everyone
This is my plead to “the Great”
He knows the good and bad..
For way shall found its twist,
Which must favour the brave.


Give me the way …
To become an everlasting Sun,
that gives the warmth,energy with it’s rays

Give me the way …
To remove the human agonies,
by making them enlightened and full with joy

Give me the way …
To spread the art,
that measures no boundries and is for everyone to pray

Give me the way …
To stop all nuisances,crimes,battles
by adopting peaceful ways always !!


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