Come, come and come ….

Last weekend, attended a series of concerts in Pdt Shankar Lal auditorium,Barakhamba road.
Renditions of Pratap Pawar(Kathak) and experiment done by Ustad Shujat Hussain Khan(in which he was accompanied by two Tabla players) were really inspiring,as well as by the concert of Ustad Ashish Khan .This is the first time I have listened to two great Ustads, Ashish Khan and Ustad Shujat Hussain Khan.
Uma Sharma presented a Ghazal, written by Mirza Ghalib and Pratap Pawar presented a recital on a Ghazal written by Bhadur Shah Zafar.

Great old days when Swami Haridas had deciples like Surdas and Tansen.

Come, come and come –

Why it takes so long?
Cheer the sensation
And be strong.
Come, come and come –
Gone is the past,
And steady stands the lawn.
Look for the beauty
And sing the song.
Come, come and come –
Make new resolutions –
To shape up new ways,
Ticking your passion.
Come, come and come –
All this make happen.
As new year is come,
We must ambrace it
With wisdom, faith and patience !

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