The Paradigm shift

It seems I am settled in the capital of India -New Delhi.At least for the time being it looks like…..

It is so hard to get back into work mode after not working for the better part of a year. All this crap that goes along to make me play the role of ‘dynamic team player, to fit into an office with a bunch of people I would probably never associate with otherwise. It comes down to the money.

Still with a suitable future visible, my dreams all seem possible. The cash, as evil and distasteful as I find it, will probably go to fund further travel (although I think in the interests of doing my part in the reduction of greenhouse gasses I would like to find greener travelling methods than carbon belching aeroplanes) . The new avenues for me are Bhutan(the other country),Jhajjar(where I plan to discover the Saraswati river). The paradigm shift has begun.

Now Kasardevi is calling me for the 15 days in June.Kasardevi is a place, some 6kms away from Almora and named after the famous temple of Goddess.
It has really been a long since I visited this place ,I guess 12 to 14 years, when I also placed myself in the Pithoragarh,Haldwani,Kumaoon,Garhwal, Nainitaal and further towards North, in one of my very earlier trips.

This time the travel will more likely to be an education tour in which I would like to learn about the great Jaimini Sutras from my Guruji Pdt. Sanjay Rath.
It’ll be great to see and meet my guru bhais Visti Larsen(Denmark) and PVR ji ,Zoran coming down to the jungles as well.

Those interested in joining me there in Almora,please refer to the followoing link-


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