Life’s Blues:Mujhe Jaane Do

Blue… Light blue… what a wonderful colour. Colour of the clear sky, colour of the oceans, colour of peace,colour of silence,colour of my name(Swap***),colour of life (or is it green?).Saw you yesterday dressed in light blue and that’s the only colour visible to me since then. And that little light blue ‘bindi’ to match on your forehead simply took my breath away, or should i say ‘Gave me the Blues’While others were complimenting me on my new orange kurta , i knew all too well who really has come dressed to kill!!!
Blue… Light blue… what a wonderful colour. Its been my favourite for the ages but understood the meaning only now , but please don’t ever come dressed in it again… as the temptation might be too hard to resist.Absolutely adore you.

Gam ki raah par patthhar na bikhero,
Yeh dil hai dil, Ise jara bahak jaane do.

Sheeshe se kabhi koi aashiya nahi banata,
Mirch ko bhi jara aakhon se gujar jaane do.

Bagawat main bhi bada lutf aane aga hai,
Is shor main bhi gul ko khil jaane do.

Haqeekat aisi hai ki khwab bhi shrma jaaye,
Badi aandhi main kaarwen ko badh jaane do.

Koi farishta idhar hi dekh raha hai “Noor”,
Meri dhadkano ko hawa main ud jaane do !!!


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