Getting up or getting down

“I don’t understand what pleasure you get from climbing up mountains just to climb down!” that’s a usual piece of mind I get from many of my friends and acquaintances.

True.. why would you go somewhere when all you can do once you reach there is.. return!!

You might probably be agreeing with my friends. Even I was like you till I read this quote, which said, “The original traveler doesn’t have a destination and is not intent on arriving”.

Since that day, I started another kind of journey. This journey is to go back to where we came from. I mean, going back to nature!!!

And believe me, I have seen the “supreme divine energy”. Because what other people call God, I call it Nature. I have seen snowy mountains, densest forests, roaring shorelines, melodious-sounding stream, wildlife at their own homes, and more beautiful things.

I am talking about my trekking experiences. I have gone on many trekking expeditions.

I began trekking in our very own Sahyadris, which offers a good range for trekkers. It has mountains and dense forests; its wildlife variety is ample too. I have trekked in Himachal Pradesh and Goa also; these states offer diverse geographical terrains.

Well, now you must have known why people go up a mountain just to climb down! Exploring nature makes you rich in your experiences, and at the same time makes you humble. You get to know that you are really small in front of nature’s enormous face. You will become tough, yet soft. While trekking you often get to learn soft skills that corporate world raves about – leadership skills, crisis management skills, inter-personal skills, resource management, planning, and things like that too!

For me, trekking is like life. I keep walking, and my slogan is ‘one step at a time’. The journey matters, not the destination.


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