A wind that blows….

Apani marzi se kahan safar ke hum hai,
Rukh hawaon ka jidhar ka hai, udhar ke hum hai!!!

For the last couple of days I am getting the signals that are tempting me to move out of Delhi.The Dilli , the place where the legends like Mirza Ghalib,Amir Khusro,Mevlana Rumi,Nizamuddin Auliya have stayed .The place that gave me the vision to understand different generes of poetry,music and initiated me into starting my own musical and business/advertising ventures .I am perplexed, can I leave it so easily??

A cool wind when appears
Situation remain in full fun.
Nice breezy look of air,
Gives everyone, a enjoying turn.
Sometimes it is different
When things change in sudden
A whirling wind arrives,
Blowing, up-down everyone.
A time comes when –
No wind enters the region.
Everything seems dull and silent
As if no one is taking any action.
Such are the faces –
Wind shows us in totality.
However thankful we remain,
Since we breath air in its close proximity.

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