Butterfly and the Wheel

The butterfly-the me in me, cannot stay at one place for prolonged duration and it was also not an exception this time as well.The mission has changed,Gurus have changed,the place has changed and people with the whole ecosystem has changed.

After spending a beautiful time in North India-himalayas,rivers and valleys as a Poet and Musician, now it is the time for me to change the colours of my life as well.

Main hoon ek khanabadosh, Saara jag mera watan.
Pyaar hi meri zubaan, Pyaar hi mera chalan!!!!

Areas in which I am active now a days are Tamilnadu(especially Tanjaour-for its experts in Naadi Astrology),Kerala-Munnar,Kochin,Alleppy for its scenic and back water beauty,Karnataka-Ooty , Kunnoor and Namma Bengaluru(for the various people having diversified interests ) .

I am finding myself closer and closer to the Psycho Astrology ,Psycho Economy and have started exploring the field and selling/saling myself!!!!

I have started applying psychological principles and research methods to any workplace to improve productivity and the quality of work.

As an Industrial psychologist I conduct policy planning, applicant screening, training and organisational development.

The brain is a complex element, and expereince in the last couple of years has convinced me that there is nothing beyond-
Occupational psychology,Consumer psychology,Psychometry,Social psychology,Cognitive psychology,
Neuro psychology,Criminology , legal psychology and above all psycho-astrology.

“Psychology, the study of human mind and astrology, the study of the effect of universal cosmic energies on human beings; are combined, preserving the essence of both, for a holistic approach, to help in one’s personal growth.”

Those interested can always contact me at —



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