Kartab kya kya seekh raha hoon

Tanha rehna seekh raha hoon,
Mar ke jeena seekh raha hoon

Mang ke pana seekh raha hoon,
Pa ke khona seekh raha hoon

Phirtay Phirtay sehra sehra,
Kanch pay chalna seekh raha hoon

Sabar ka tufaan thanda kar kar,
Pyaas ko peena seekh raha hoon

Jeenay ke hain ajab taqazay,
Zinda rehna seekh raha hoon

Plenty of things to learn,plenty of people to meet and plenty of work in hand.

My friend Srinivas has taught me how to start up with a small hotel.In the remote place in Karnataka I have been involved with setting up a ‘Andhra’ style mess for the last couple of days.Started with a business plan,deciding on putting a name et al and then started the quest for finding the human resources.The labour was taken from a small village nearby Vijaywada(the place from where Srini belongs to).

The menu list contains meals(rice ,daal,payasam,sambar,chatani,salad),chicken biryani,dosa,idali and most of the authentic andhra style food(chatani pudi and lots of ghee).

The response is pretty good and am feeling relieved as our hard work in marketing,infrastructure analysis, advertising has brought fruits.

In the meanwhile Dear Senthil has been laboriously involved with me in making me a world class football goalkeeper ,making me to run for at least half an hour daily, doing those excercise etc.I am an improved player now but somehow not able to save the goals from Prasad.Urgent Action Item for me !!!!!

Little Abhijit:my room mate, seems to be very enthusiastic with learning all those details of Open Source initiatives which I was involved with during my Goa Freedom days .Dr. Anil Seth has moved from Madgaon to Chandigargh but his talks on Python and Professor Richard Stallman are still very much fresh in my mind.Ameya tells me that Dr.Brian Antao is also leaving for UK.

My Japan and Thailand tour for almost 2 years is fortunately canceled, that means I have 2 more years to learn and polish my Music from Gurudev and explore the same before giving it a shot (best shot) in front of public.

Am ready for the Panaji festival on 5th August,when I do plan to play with Ameya and Krishnamurthy.Eager to see how Ameya and Praveen Gaonkar has improved.A time for receiving blessings.

Madhoshee nay bohat sataya
Hosh main rehna seekh raha hoon

Is per hairan bhi hota hoon
Kartab kya kya seekh raha hoon !!!


3 thoughts on “Kartab kya kya seekh raha hoon”

  1. Different and awesome!!It has always been a great joy reading your creations ,but this is really excellent.Lots of ALL THE BEST.

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