“Music fills the infinite between two souls.” – Rabindranath Tagore

A recap of Ameya’s ideas on updates and happenings at IMA hall in Ponda, where Gurupornima was held.

“When one does something different, all goes into it is one’s mindset, a feeling heart and wholesome effort”. That is what I observed at Gurupornima – a function held in Ponda. The environment at the function hall was enjoyable with lots of goodness inside it.

Many shishyagan presented their gayaki(bandish) – involving ragas from Yaman, Bhup, Bageshree, Sarang, Des, Allaya Bilaval, Kedar, Bahar, Jaunpuri, Malhar ragas and so on….The beauty in all this was different; whenever any shishya was asked on the stage for singing, the announcer (very polite and kind)use to say: “Our next Shruti – ‘Preeti’ is ……. the name of the singers(or a singer)”. Actually they may have given a suitable name say Preeti to the group or an individual who comes on stage and perform, however Shruti remained a general name given for each and every performing group or an individual. Along the program some disciples also presented lucid taranas.

Commitment and enthusiasm of each shishya, reflected and witnessed by me, was nice on that day. The respect to their Guruji “Shri Damodar Chari” was seen great and honorary. I liked the presentation of various shishyas – their style of singing, taking tanas, doing tihayi, layakari etc. Guruji accompanied most of them with harmonium along with Grajesh Tari, having fluent hands on Tabala.

One couple performed a light classical bhagans which gave programme, a unique touch. It was interesting to see one of the shishyas of Guruji, who sang raga ‘Megh Malhar’ well and also composed and performed his own bandish(rachana) in the same raga.

It was an inspiration for all the disciples to understand the strength of our music. ‘When one remains steady and punctual to enjoy the glare of music, no one can stop the vibrating individual, he moves on crossing all boundaries’. Same happened to all of us with such a unique example. Kumar Jambhale presented raga ’Jayajaywanti’ as a senior disciple in a slow and a meaningful way.

Finally a time arrived, when performance was to be held by Guruji Himself associated with some of his senior shishya’s. An acclaimed Harmonium player namely ‘Vishwanath Fondekar’ had come on request of Guruji, all the way from Sanvardem. Before actually He started explaining the difference between raga Megh Malhar, Sur Malhar and Miya Malhar (andolit ga and ni), the golden points were powered: “One should learn classical music at its core level. It is good that students are talented to sing a song (mainly in a semi-classical domain), by hearing that on a commercial CD or a cassette. However nobody teaches or guide that student as to where (at what point) he has to sing this way or the other, picking up the right jaga (place) to deliver it and this is very important”. So He adviced, saying that this can be only possible if one learn classical music in Guru-shishya parampara. He continued “While performing any raga the threading out of swara should be such so as to catch or rather penetrate into hearts of public and remained there. The more important is swara lagav and how you train your voice (that is ‘voice culture’)”. And in my belief, one should always reflect this to himself as mirror at the level of Gharana (Abhijat) singing.
Finally Guruji performed bandishis in Malhar raga family such as Megh Malhar , Sur Malhar and Miya Malhar. We were blessed by His divine Ashirvad.

I was very happy and contended with joy which “Shrutisudha” has found in themselves, upbringing the talents of new generation by giving them a right platform and conducting such rare type of events. Great!


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