Whiz to Wisdom

I do remember I used to have lots of arguments with my dear friends Eshan and Naveen in Delhi on plenty of issues in life, and I used to say about focus,strategy and “SURRENDERING” oneself to at least one cause .

Coming down to South India, and especially meeting with Kishori Ray(as she likes to call herself as), my thoughts on the above are justified.

A lady comes from far west -Germany and gets addicted to Hindustani Classical Music so passionately.The enthusiasm and above all never ending energy for not only to uplift oneself but to the other fellow musicians as well by whatever means she can.Hats off to you lady!!!The people from non Indian origin can understand it , keen on it , are working for the great cause but our own Indians, never have patience to at least sit down and understand the legacy,the great khazana , the ultimate wisdom and soul purifier in the form of Indian Classical Music .

It’s a pity!!!

Got introduced to another music aficionado of Indian Classical Music: Akhil Krishna, who is working in SAP and learning under Pd.Parameshawar Hegde ji.He has a very rarely found determination and humble ness a musician now a days has.

The function organized by the students of Pdt. Vinayak Torvi was fantastic and I was fortunate to make so many like minded friends as Dattu(Dattatreya Velankar),Shobha Joshi,Basu uncle,Rina didi et al,they all are dedicated and budding artists or keen listeners and I can see that within 7 years they are going to touch the skies and I ‘ll be there for them.

A thought has crept in my mind to start a Music Management organization after discussion with Paritosh Pohankar and watching his videos from Australia.He was awesome and artists like him and many others need some kind of word of mouth or other sources of introduction and marketing.Now a days the event organizers are also not very specific to paying attention for the artist and audience’s meet up ,needs and above all forming a channel .Need to understand the whole economics of the game sooner than later!!!

And here it is the latest thought coming from the west end that gives the momentum for going that extra mile and the wisdom to lose oneself….

Fabulous Ameya…

The aim of learning
Is to know, more and more…
You have the likeness
To think new, from the core.

The only aspect remains…
Is to keep oneself steady,
Playing different roles.
And you will be happy,

Growing slow; seeing insight you glow.
The attempts, character and vision
Alongside, continuously flow.

The way to sense the glory
Is ahead what you withhold –
For which you must ‘surrender’
Towards the gateway you go.


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