Snob to Omnivore:Marketing Indian Classical Music to masses

Below is the link of my article on Indian Classical Music.


9 thoughts on “Snob to Omnivore:Marketing Indian Classical Music to masses”

  1. Bhai it needs a certain sensibility and taste to enjoy classical music whether indian or western…it also has a lot to do with intelligence…the ability of the mind to sense and notice the subtleties of the piece…you package a classical music piece in a ‘lagaan song’ and the people will pole it because there’s aamir khan dancing on it…on a standalone basis who has the sensibility and the desire to enjoy classical music ?bhains ke aage been bajaane waali baat hai…even if the masses get initiated to’ll require multiple listenings to absorb the essence of this music…masses will listen to ‘himesh resshammia’ because its superficial and timepass…that’s all that music means to junta…markting music to aam junta is not a good idea and marketing it to a select few is already being done…the best option is to package the classical music in a movie or something…then it’ll sell like hot cakes…

  2. To some extent I agree with you and for that matter only I have mentioned the case of TITANIC.The title song of which was based on the hardcore western classical music(opera,symphony) and it was a HIT!!!The condition of western classical music is not different from that of ours .But the problem is that non classical musicians thin that classical music is played or listened by those having horn on their heads;(I think either there must be some invisible hand which manages the best and produce darvinistic results in the market call it a music industry (an ideal situation) in which there is less lobbying by media and advertising ,TRPs and all or the media/government must take up some higher roles.(Don’t call HITLER)I think being in that sort of industry for quite some time you can be a better spokesman for non classical musicians.Shortly will catch you soon!!!!

  3. Manyawar, NamaskarIt is INDEED a fact that Classical Music is DEAD today. I am sorry to say so BUT it is the basic fact that we need to realize. Todays, new-coming so-called classical experts don’t know even what is the basic purpose of Classical Music. Why was it made? What is the real power of classical music and also what is the basic target of claasical music. I am NOT any great Classical Music expert but I got this very fact when while my in-depth research work on Music Therapy. Do you know about Music Therapy? You will be amazed to know that the great experts of Classical Music from ITC SRA Kolkata DO NOT know any thing about Music Therapy!!!!!!!They say it is beyond their understanding!!!!!!If you make an in-depth study of Music Therapy, you will agree with me…..

  4. i went for a concert was held at the central park in cp..kailash kher and euphoria performed..i havn’t read the article..will read it now…

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