I call you upon
In my close heart.
The day we meet,
Has shared a sacred part.

I have become yours
And you are mine.
The time has no limits
To see us shine!

I, how can forget?
The dazzling moments –
Of joy and cheerfulness,
Which has given us strength.

I am there for you
At every step of life.
You travel, wherever be
God bless you, standing side !

You are gift to me
In my own esteemed way.
You have set an example, for me
To love and live each longing day !

1.I am changing my e-mail id from to Hence request all of you to please reply me or send me the e-mails at the updated address.

2.My write up against Arati Carroll Menon’s article ( Is classical Musical Dead:Business India), was published in and Business India web section. has proposed me to write regularly for their Music and ART section which I have gladly accepted.

3.My talk on “Snob to Omnivore :Marketing Indian Classical Music to masses” was successful , and interestingly I have got an offer to talk on “Classical Music is not only for therapies” on 2nd
ecember -2007 at Bhatkhande University,Lucknow.

The above assignment was made possible by Mr. Anurag Agrawal, who is a passionate Music Therapist residing in Allahabad,Uttar Pradesh.

4.From the blessings of my Spirutual Guru Shri Visti Larsen(Denmark), I have decided to resume my formal education, training and Shiksha in Vedic Astrology from Shr. Narahari Katti ji, Bangalore and Shr.Laxmi Ramesh, Thirupati. Shr. Visti ji has also advised me to start doing M.A. in Vedang Jyotish from Kavi Kulguru Kalidas Sanskrit Vishvavidyalaya.

5.I plan to be at Pune from 4th to 11th November and in Mumbai from 1st to 4th November -tentative (depending upon my Guruji’s availability).Interested may meet and plan accordingly.

6.Ameya’s and my poetries(English only) on various topics have been screened and selected for the second round by the Toto Foundation,Chennai.Once passed TFA plans to fund our future art and literature related journey.


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