Kaam Hi Aaram Hai,Sukun Kise Chaahiye

Geeli chaadar dhak kar soya
Sukhaa paseena aur pani ,

Kaam hi aaram hain , Sukun kise chahiye !!!!!

My life has driven me into a different world,where it seems for others to be very difficult. I know life is a journey in which we travel in different directions.Have traveled in different paces searching for different answers to my questions. Questions -which will satisfy my mind into believing in what I have been thinking of.But somehow even though my mind is working and let me think of different aspects, I learned to slow down for a while and reflect on things that had made a relatively bigger impact on my life.Sooner I find myself to be finding a lot of things, for i had been living outside a box of four sides. Started learning to smile and cheer up a bit forgetting the depressed world people have been into .Realized that everything that happened in life has a purpose.Experience teaches one to be strong enough and be determined with the things we do .You just have to face it and be ready for the everyday changes.

I have dreamed to become for what I am now
Reaching my goals in life made me to make a vow
To do good deeds to myself and country men
And share what I have every now and then

I am thankful to our creator
For he had became my mediator
He guided my footsteps to reach my dream
And showed me that life is like cookies and cream !!!!

Now i know why God created stars
Stars can be a symbol that we can see from afar
Showing hope to our little wish that can be granted in a simple swish..!!!!


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