The City of Bannerghatta Road

Bannerghatta Road is a long road that joins Hosur Road on one side and goes further to Bannerghatta National Park. It was famous for just three landmarks for decades; IIM Bangalore, Drive-in and Dairy circle.

Interestingly, when the then IT Secretary Vivek Kulkarni talked in year 2001 of IT boom leading to Bannerghatta Road creating 30,000 jobs many thought he was overly optimistic!

Look at the reality today;

• within just five years HSBC, Infosys (Progeon), MPhasis, Oracle, IBM, Honeywell, Accenture and many others have grown phenomenally; IBM with 2,000+, Oracle with 5,000+ (in multiple locations within the road particularly thanks to PeopleSoft acquisition), Accenture with 4,000+ (in multiple locations), Honeywell with 4,000+, HSBC with 1,000+, Covansys & Hexaware with 2,000+ alone have nearly 20,000 employees in Bannerghatta Road. With multiple towers next to Oracle Towers hosting many other small & medium size companies, and more towers coming up, Bannerghatta Road would easily have 30,000+ jobs today.

• What is more important is that any number of apartments have come up all over this 4 kilometer stretch – Mantri has at least three large complexes with 1,000+ apartments, Puravankara has 300+, Salarpuria (300), Shobha (300), Adarsh (100), Brigade (500) and L & T South City (2,000) – all practically on Bannerghatta Road, there must be at least 5,000 apartments on this road.

• With several hospitals (Wockhardt, Jayadeva, Sagar Apollo)

temple (Meenakshi temple), mosques

temple of learning (IIMB)

shopping (Shoppers Stop, FabMart, dozens of factory outlets)

restaurants (Adigas) and

• even a cemetery

Bannerghatta Road has all its takes to claim an “independent” city.

If only the planners make the road and make walking on the road a pleasure, thousands will walk / bike to work, shop and for prayers, making it a heaven; unfortunately faulty planning makes it a veritable hell!

Will the Gods in the Heavens listen to our prayers?


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