Sasinarayan hits a Sixer through Global dot com

How many times do you really face a choice in life? How many times will you get the benefit of arriving at a crossroads, where you don’t have to fight the tug of rolling inertia, and your choice isn’t going to hurt someone you love?

Not many.

Make them count. They will define you.

Dhoni and the Team India did a great job by knocking the mighty Aussies in their land.More than the win I enjoyed when Dhoni said that “It’s important to enjoy each others success and this is what we’ve been trying to do”.

And so do I.My friends from Trisshur “Sasinarayan” has successfully published the book titled “GOLBAL DOT COM” ; and the book is on stands.
The book is written in Malayalam and consists of 6 stories, which are about the day to day life.

Am really impressed the way in which Sasi has shifted his gears from an engineering to an art world, and towards the future I wish him full support and the best wishes to follow his heart and not the head.

I’ve found that a lot of people have the same stigma about the question of what to do with their life, the geography of their career. They fear it’s not a serious question, because it’s mostly about the job, not the heart, not character, not love, not issues that matter.

But it is about those things. “What Should I Do With My Life?” is the modern, secular version of the great timeless questions about our identity, such as “Who Am I?”, and “Where Do I Belong?” We ask it in this new way simply because constant disruption in our society forces us to – every time we graduate, or get downsized, or move to a new city, we’re confronted with this version of the question. It’s a little more pragmatic and problem-solvy than its philosophical and religious antecedents, reflecting the bottom-line reality that we can search for our identity only so long without making ends meet. Asking the question aspires to end the conflict between who you are and what you do. Answering the question is the way to protect yourself from being lathed into someone you’re not.

The next action item is to get it translated in the English and then in Hindi.Lots of work for the next couple of months; it seems my hands are full with the work :()

Another friend of mine “Ameya” has this to say about Strike–“The balance”, or “hitting that special six”

Strike – the stones together with the hands as they are
Take out the light, transcending the glory to the followed passerby.

Strike – till the path doesn’t quit, working hard and hard
In achieving happiness, giving yourself a gift – the best reward.

Strike – the beauty on to others, with smart, simple wayouts
Doubling the joy, a kind gesture, making others happy as you are.

Strike – the note through the cultured voice, reaching in yourself far
Making others, to taste the feel of music, close to their own hearts.

Strike – as you are one of those, who needs to establish a unique mark
Be the best, as God has proven to set the VISION, with which you are
strongly bound.

Keep it up Sasinarayanan,Ameya and Dhoni !!!


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