Aur Phir Zindagi Kaa Zaaika Badal Jaata Hai !!

Likhne ki koshish ki…nahi hua…..
aur… bas hogaya !!!

Plenty of things to share and tell ;-).The last couple of months have been very eventful in my life and here am trying to express as much as I can.

Zindzgi chhoti hai
Unka baya.n karane ko 😉

Rest of the updates which I am not able to write , will be broad casted soon.

1.The music based organization established by my vocal classical guru Pdt Kamlakar Naik, -“KALARANG”, has got the entry into the BLACKBOX, an auditorium in Kala Academy for its monthly concerts and programs.In the inauguration ceremony – Shr Praveen Gaonkar and Smt Prachala Amonkar (the deciples of Pdt ji) gave fantastic concerts.That means in the coming few years more frequent visits to Goa by me 😉

2.Will be in Mumbai on 24th May for the taalim from my guru ji.On 25th May I plan to be at Pune, from where I will be going to Bangalore on 26th to 29th May.30th May to 2nd June , I’ll be in Madhya Pradesh.Anyone wants to meet me please plan accordingly.

3.My sister¡’s concert at Thane was also very successful, I missed accompanying her, as I was preoccupied with couple of my exams.

4.Marketing plan by Rhythm Seven for one of Mumbai based recording label is ready and under review , hope to see some good news in near future.

Kum log hi lafjo ke suadagar hai,
Aur kabhi kabhi suada fas bhi jaata hai 😉

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