Bas Tu hi tu…

Just back from Pune and Mumbai after taking taalim from my guruji :-0).Am happy,ecstatic and eager to visit him soon.Had some good chat about Underscore Records, its publication of couple of books in 12 languages ,and how unreasonable have been the publication units in Bangalore which was kind of blessing in disguise for the unit:-).

Now couple of phone calls to make to my dear friends which I thought are of kind of lost in the world; and one of them is Dear Varun and the other Dear Sumit.

Between, just got a beautiful thought penned down by Ameya on “FAREWELL” and couldn’t resist myself to upload the same on the blog-


A day of greeting, sharing thoughts as:

Gentle, care and of longing.


Moments of emotion, filled-in with:

Positive, clear and touching actions.


Blend of oneness, symbolizing:

Colorful stretches of beauty and uniqueness.


Renewal of environment, where:

Love, hope, truth, patience have found real meaning and contentment.


A noble conquest, wherein:

Feelings and rememberence bonded, shall pass through a given test.


A reason in extracting new dimensions:

Of belief, growth, inner peace and passionate vision.


A call in seasons, to meet again and again:

So that ‘good-bye’ doesn’t find its own last option.

Well,Satyendra has inspired me to write something for my dearest and the thoughts go something like these—;-)

Marj bhi tu hai,Dawa bhi tu …

Siyah raat bhi tu hai, Sahar bhi tu…

Saaj bhi tu hai,Soj bhi tu…

Roshni bhi tu hai Khwaab bhi tu…

Daayra bhi tu hai,Dariya bhi tu…

Har ghadi ghadi meri saansein bhi tu………

Waqt bhi tu hai,Rasta bhi tu..

Kagaj bhi tu hai,Kalaam bhi tu,

Juganu bhi tu hai,Chandani bhi tu,…

Samandar bhi tu hai,Kashti bhi tu…

Manjar bhi tu hai,Tufaan bhi tu….

Har ghadi ghadi meri jururat bhi tu……………

Rang bhi tu hai,Khushboo bhi tu..

Gubaar bhi tu hai,Khumaar bhi tu..

Mouka bhi tu hai,Tasawwur bhi tu…

‘Noor’ bhi tu hai,Neer bhi tu…

Dua bhi tu hai,Mera Khuda bhi tu….

Har ghadi mera jashn-e-bahar bhi tu……………:-)


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