Veil my love in your heart …

Muddaton baad soorat jo dikhai dee hai,
Dil ki dhadkan who aakhon se sunai dee hai J!!!!

And this is the fusion 😉

Veil my love in your heart,
Like the light of lamp in a temple………………

The fire in you with my ever flowing air,
Like a beautiful never lasting ensemble !!

Stars have come down to earth to see us smiling,
It is nothing but God’s miracle as simple !!

Your voice is like chirping of words and mine like Panchajanya,
Nature in making a sonorous jingle !!

You keep me at your feet ,
I shall remain like a flower at your feet ,I am standing with my shy eyes my dear ,
Like the twig of the lamp in a temple!!

This is true it was a sin staying with out you ,
I have done this sin till now, But I always had your image back of my mind,
Like the twig of the lamp in a temple!!

Do not sing like songs of parting,
That I get burnt to ashes in the loneliness, But I have happily put these ashes on my forehead ,
Like the twig of the lamp in the temple !!!

Well,am glad to announce that Rythm Seven is live now at

You may like to go through the following links to know more about Rythm Seven-“The More Music You Love …The More You Love Music!!”

About us:
Rythm Seven is a revolutionary organization whose goal is to inspire, educate, update, motivate and inform people on the many areas, streams ,artists,styles,repertoire and various forms yet unknown to them within the world of Indian music and arts. This organization reaches out to people and enables these people to work first hand with one another, expressing their ideas and visions while gaining valuable experience in the process. Always free to be creative, imaginative, ambitious, and unified.People who are in love with the music/art world will experience the various ways in which they can contribute their own unique and personal talents which they have gained as an expertise through a long hard work to the end product of each program we develop,whether that is through singing, dancing, writing, public relations, stage management or performing with our programs ; networking with other musicians of their own age at the monthly Soups Up! Jam Sessions; or by developing music skills through our programs and workshops .

We are absolutely determined to leave no stone unturned and no one behind by showcasing their skills in music/art of various forms and try to awaken and enlighten people through different demonstrations and lectures that we organize through various platforms and database of our resources and articles. Not only do we take pride in giving everyone the opportunity to dream, but we take even further joy in helping them realize those dreams by ACTION through DOING.

Manjilein khud Ba Khud Kadamon Per Gir Jaati Hain,
Bas “Noor” Raaston Kaa Shouk Ho…

Anjaam Ki Fikr Nahi Rehati Yadi,
Shaouk-e-Imtihaan Ho,

Chota Hi Sahi Magar Prayas To Ho,
Aasmaan Bhi Jhuk Jaayega, Bas Tumhara Saath Ho !!!!


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