Baba’s health is not very good and while undergoing Angiography (post ECG as doctor suggested to take this) we found some blocks in left side heart artery. He will be put on Cholesterol related medication soon. Above this he’s also got a very high blood sugar this time.

But yeah we all are enjoying our stay in nice, cool and peaceful Bangalore especially our area Jayanagar. We have 2 bedrooms, 1 Puja room,1 Study room that we converted to Guest room ,1 hall –kitchen ,1 dining room and a beautiful small garden at the back. And above all we don’t have a TV at home so its all peace and learning all the way. Just shifted my paraphernalia from Pune to B’lore through Supersonic Movers and Packers that contains atleast 2000 odd books to be put in the B’lore home.The books range from Astrology,Medicines,Occult,Science,Novels,Entertainment,Management,Culture,Engineering to Hinduism,Christianity and Islam and other religions as well.I’ve separated a few books which I think I may not need (and also no one would required them in my next generation as well)- and one day planning to go to Majestic to sale them or may be donate to some charity or library. I guess these are some 300 odd books waiting for a decision.

Apart from the books there are fantastic compact discs/dvds and mp3s of music-that ranges from Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan,Ustad Amir Khan Sahab, Pdt Ajay Chakrabarty, Pt Bhimsenji ,Pdt Jasaraj ji,Shr Mallikarjun Manssor ji, ustad Amaja Ali Khan sahib,Ustad Ali Akbar ji,Pdt Ravi Shankar ji,Pdt Shiv Kumar and Pdt Hari Prasad ji,Ustad Vilayat khan sahib, Smt Veena Saharsabuddhe, Ashvini Taai ,Kishori Taai, Malaini Taai, Aarti Taai, Koushiki ji,atleast 200 hrs of non stop Tabla from all he major Gharanas,Gahazal king Mehdi Hassaan and Hariharan’s complete collection till date, Nusrat Sahab and Abida didi’s collection(am sure not a single composition is missing), and Marathi,Telugu,Nepali,Bhojpuri,Tamil,kannada,Hindi movies and movie songs along with Carnatic Classical Music collection of holy performances. All these (I can bet only Indian classical music will do ) can make a music aficionado engaged for 300-400 hrs continuous non stop without even a single repetition.

Supersonic damaged couple of our articles and we are following up with them to get a reimbursement, apart from damages they also lost my dear Study table that itself contained a few cds of music and Brilliant’s course material for one of the exams. Moreover our utensils have also been exchanged with someone for Chennai –I guess. It all cost us around 9000/- for transport but then damages were too many- and we need to be cautious next time we approach some Packers and Movers.The best thing would be to have our own stickers that contain cell number and address where the consignment needs to be delivered.

On Teachers’ Day- 5thSept-09, we at Pune got our first tenant –Dr Muthyala who is working at Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park at Hinjewadi. It was indeed a tough call to give the house for rent and at last somehow my parents convinced me for the same after 3 years. In the mean time it was already a loss of 2.5 to 3.0 lakhs .

This Saraswati Puja , am all set to come down to Panaji again and am planning my travel schedule for 21st to 29th (till Vijayadashmi) as I need to cover –Hyderabad/Pune/Mumbai and then Goa. It will be a much awaited visit to Mumbai and my Guriji.


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