Good Morning Tea

After a long wait dear Vikas has recorded his Bhajan and uploaded for the public The Bhajan is on Ramlala and is composed by Pandit Ramashraya Ji Jha.Vikas has been learning music under Vidushi Shubha Mudgal ji and I have been knowing him for the last 3 years.Our first meet up was at habitat Centre when Shubhaji’s concert was organized.

The concert got over at 11.30 PM and there was no auto to take me up to Noida.Vikas dropped me till Delhi boarder thinking that I’ll get a private cab towards Noida but till 3 AM in the morning of the day I was wondeing and searching ,waiting for some vehicle to take me to my home.

Nice Bhajan at this link:

Also under Deepak Chandra’s direction; Vikas and the team have created and edited a small advertisement for tea “Good Morning Tea”: the background voice and music is given by Vikas.


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