Why do i read??

Exams are coming closer and i have been analyzing what book should i read- is it a XYZ subject i should take up or the subject whose exam is next Saturday or should i keep on reading what i have been and which indeed doesn’t have any direct and immediate impact on my score/grade or so called performance.

Would it be on “Macroeconomics” or something on the “Distance Education on Classical music -a collection of essays”?These are the question i always come up with and every time the real me wins- i.e. i don’t happen to study for the exams- and study the subject when and only when it turns up as per my chemical and psychological clock .

Some people read to escape the world, their lives, the ringing of the telephone, the incessant blurb in the bottom of your screen that tells you that you have another email, the screaming of your children.

Some people open books at night so that they’ll think about a romance which pales in comparison to their own, Arabian nights, a handsome vampire who will whisk you away from the angst you still feel when you think about high school.

Some people read to escape.

I do read to remain. Books don’t take you away from the world; they bring you closer. They amplify the sounds of grass growing. They force your ears to the chests that hide beleaguered hearts, and bellies that churn with indecision. With gentle articulation, authors make the world tangible, graspable, digestible.

Books aren’t wings, they’re cement shoes.


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