Samarth Ke Naam

Sometimes /most of the times exploring on youtube can fetch you some great compositions and it becomes unavoidable to let you leave your seat.You become amazingly glued to the site and keep on browsing and listening to the great collection of music offered.Though I had a different motive this time to search the youtube and it was tounderstand and know more about the Great Munshi Raziuddin :the great Qawwal from Pakistan.And I ended up finding out this beautiful kalam from Iqbal that was written for Allama’s son Javed.

I do remember having gone through the motivating letter of Sir Abraham Lincoln written to the school teacher of his son and a set of letters exchanged between Nehru and Indira.I had my own reasons to actually try to understand this kalam from Allama Iqbal.And it was very apt for Samarth: yeah wait for my version of the letter.

dayaar-e-ishq main, apnaa makaam paidaa kar

nayaa zamaana, naye subhe-o-shaam paidaa kar

Khudaa agar dil fitrat shanaas de tujh ko

sukuut laal-o-gul se kalaam paida kar

uthaa na sheeshaagar in farang ke ehasaan

sifaale hind se neema-o-jaam paida kar (mitti ka bartan)

mein shaakhe huun meri ghazal hein samar meri (phal)

mere samar se naye laalaa faam paida kar

mera tareek ameeree nahin faqeeree hai

khudee na bech, gareebee main naam paida kar


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