Pressed and Provoked

Last few days(or shall i say months), i was relatively glued to television for various serial events that have taken place.India-England test match(just one of them),Ramdeo Baba, Anna Hazare and his team , Sri Sri Ravishankar, Brahmakumaris,Chidambaram, 2G scam has taken most of my television time.To the extent that i have made a riyaaz sitting in a place in front of the TV.

Well T.V is no more now-thanks to the Squirrel and my focused riyaaz time is increasing .Though  -Champak,BrainWave,Business India,Business Today, Health & Nutrition,Linux For You,Economic Times,Outlook Traveler -editions are piling up needing my attention for a read finish.

i am in solace now- though it has pressed and provoked me to think without distractions and without getting biased  on Ramdeo Babara, corruption, black money , Anna Hazare and R P Singh/Ashish Nehra’s future.

Why do our existing cases take so long to resolve? Is investigation of murder, violence less important than corruption? Or will all crimes disappear once we catch a few corrupt? In fact, simpler social issues like divorce, property disputes, probably cause more pain and anxiety to many, many people. Do they not deserve a reasonably quick resolution? If corruption cases are fast-tracked, would the resolution of the others not get further delayed. Isn’t it obvious that not the laws but it is the delivery of justice which needs repair.

In fact, I find it ironic that the “biggest scam” of India – the 2G scam – has probably made more people’s lives far better than anything else in India!yes i ventured to say this-even though i am a musician and artist at heart and dislike usage of technology/electronics in art .  It is amazing to see the impact of cell phones on India – especially, the non-affluent, e.g. the rickshaw pullers, the vegetable hawkers, the plumbers. The list goes on.

I am going to my routine music riyaaz.May be that will help understand why the interactions between not so smart people makes democracy work:-) .


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