Watrefall and Insect

ना पूँछ , तू इतना की मै कौन हूँ , कहाँ हूँ , कैसा हूँ
लबों से जान ही निकल आएगी जवाब के साथ ।
छोड़ दे मुझको इन परिंदों , इन जनावरों के बीच ए ‘नूर ‘
पता तो चले , कितना दूर और है मेरे इस खुदा का साथ ।।
-नूर (प्रपात और मकोड़ा)


Life on earth is not about taking, but giving and doing one’s dharma. God gives at the right time whatever is necessary for doing one’s dharma and for giving whatever one needs to give others. Accepting with gratitude what one gets and giving others whatever one is in a position to give, is the best one can do. It is the only sureshot formula to be truly happy. One thinking that X or Y or Z is needed for happiness (e.g. wealth, health, education, family life etc) will keep going in circles from one life to another.


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