Swanand Yatra

What a beautiful day to define my “Swanand Yatra” today-when 1.1 crore people are doing a Kumbh Snan at Northern Part of India -Allahabad.
Sevak-Volunteer -who doesn’t care for the final result.Thought of Seva generates the energies of willingness.And the slightest willingness is all you need to receive the guidance to change. Willingness raises your consciousness of new possibilities and ignites what I call your ~ing (your inner guide). Your ~ing is the voice of love, your inspiration and your intuition.
Yuva-Strong person-laborious-and healthy-in terms of body and mind.
Swanand (Happiness within)-Flag-and this is not the final destination at the top of the mountain or fort-this flag is to be carried by all of us-as part of our movement-big or small
I believe Yuva(Force) and Seva(Action) -with regenerated Happiness is Success and Win.

प्यार का जश्न नई तरह मनाना होगा ,गम किसी दिल में सही -हर गम को मिटाना होगा
सेवा का भाव अगर हो,युवाओं का साथ अगर हो, खुशियां- तुम्हे, हमें चूमना होगा-
स्वानंद पथ पर चलना होगा -स्वानंद पथ पर चलना होगा-स्वानंद पथ पर चलना होगा -नूर

People wait for heroes to appear , read about heroic acts from people in the news, never realizing the daily heroism that is all around. You are the hero in your own life, and have been all along.I am hero , you are hero.Dont compare Gandhi to Vivekananda or Tagore to Savarkar.They have done same heroic acts as you and me are going to do for our lives and nation.Jago Hindutva …Jago Sevak…Jago Yuva 🙂



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