Krishna-Truth or Myth

ना शोले में वो जलवा है , ना बर्फ में वो ठंडक
तुम्हारे साथों में लगता है जैसे कोई हो मरहम ।

रगों में दौड़ने , चलने को हम नहीं समझते
खौलता लहू तो आँखों से निकले है हरदम

इनसानी टोलिया , भेडो के आगे पीछे , काटों जंजालों में
तेरे साथ जैसे अनगिनत बालिश्तें जमीने हो गयी हो नूरम नूरम ।।-नूर (साक्षात्कार परदेशों में )

My learnings in astrology and jyotisha -has assured and taught me and that is instrumental in making what i am today.I now understand that a rich man may be chronically unhealthy and pray all the time for health. In the next life, he may be born as a strong and healthy person with no money and no education. Now he may pray all the time for wealth or education. Getting the best in everything (money, family life, heath, education, name etc) is not easy and often does not happen in the same life. Some blessed souls realize it and learn to become happy with whatever god gives.This explains the chakras of one’s life(houses) -characters of planets(grahas)-all in one.

I’m fed up with this era of impatience & instant gratification. I want this era to end. And I want that to happen RIGHT NOW. ;-).Saw a beautiful movie -“Krishna -History or a Myth”,produced and directed by my drona guru Dr Manish Pandit-interesting that i saw this on a Christmas day at Los Angels.I am convinced -God is clever. God sometimes gives what you asked for earlier, when you no longer want it and want something else. You may forget, but god remembers everything you ever asked for! He sometimes gives you what you asked for right away. But, with some (especially those closer to moksha), He plays more games, for THEIR own benefit.ImageImage


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