The state of insignificance

Nothing like looking into the heavens to realize how insignificant you really are.Jupiter and Venus were racing in the heavens last week and Venus overtook Jupiter (being the faster of the two for obvious reasons), this is not rare even but what was rare was – that it took place in the house of Jupiter’s exaltation -Cancer -the house of Motherly love .Imagine a person like Jupiter-with unlimited wisdom and humbleness and with motherly love is hosting the Venus , the king of creativity , art and all beautiful things .Could you imagine what wold have happened ?And joined by Moon -the symbol of mind on June 20th.(Einstein, Tagore meeting Paramhansa in Milan -a cancer place) The wandererness(Moon) will submerge and translate into divine(Jupiter) music(Venus) -re channeling and refueling the vehicle for next long journey for 12 years.


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