Rains in Chennai

Why Indra devta(the rain god) is getting angry towards karthikeya (the army Commander-in-Chief and the Tamiḻ kaṭavuḷ (“god of the Tamils”) . I got some time today to analyse the case further with a pen and a piece of paper ,The son of Krittika and the warrior is in Virgo with dragon’s head, Venus and the axis nodes .While his second/shadow house (Scorpio) is occupied by Sun god himself with Mercury and Saturn, creating a catastrophic combination. This not only is the indication of the house in deep solitude and quarrels(Sun VS Saturn in Mars’s home-more than Mars VS Sun).The husband of Devasena (Indra’s daughter) is on travel to South West Asia (The sign Virgo-6th sign of the zodiac-creating some accidents in Syria and Paris) , while mighty Saturn has arrested Sun in prison in Scorpio. Sun will not get past Saturn until Nov 30th (13 degress) , and so the wait to improve the situation .


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