Almost everything in my life has been serendipitous. It was like one rope leading to a point, that i thought was a kind of summit, and then another leading to the next and so here he is as of now after some mind boggling experiences.

Born in Madhya Pradesh ,studied in Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and Goa. Have been to all the states in India traveling and in search of myself. As per established Naadi granthas, i was keertankar in my past life hailing from a town in Orissa, later moved to Nepal. In past to past life, i was a prince of a state in Kerala/Tamilnadu, i spoke too much in my last lives so the reason for my silence most of the times in this janma.

A hardcore educationist, brain eater  and philosopher (with immense amount of worms in brain) by thought and action.

A poet, a sportsman, a coach, a traveler, a homeopath or an astrologer is what i would have loved to see myself becoming but the divine power has thought/planned something else for me,and here i am -a passionate writer, avid reader all time student, preacher and philosopher -thoroughly enjoying my work. Well, and occasional bread earner for my family too, by means of selling my books, playing for my club, training sports to school kids, counseling seekers and trying to get them out of trouble; showing life’s dharma and soul’s path- and keep doing this while i travel and make people travel with me or alone.

i am primarily  a freelance writer and editor. Other than the above mentioned subjects i write and think about psychology, underpinnings of belief systems, mythology, religion, medicines, fashion, politics, society, environment, economy, farming, gardening, experimental cooking with strong believer of eating anything raw, women empowerment  and travel-travel and lots of travel.

i have written 5 books-that span across and covers my thoughts in mythology, poetry, philosophy, education for children .



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