I have worked as a professional astrologer since 2004 and see horoscopes on a daily basis wherein I guide clients to better decisions and advise Vedic Remedial Measures to overcome karmic difficulties. I studied Vedic Astrology and have since then spent much time traveling and studying personally from my teacher in both India and abroad.

I am presently a  astrologer in need  carrying out horoscope consultations for clients, writing articles and books, as well as teaching students the art and science of Vedic Astrology.

Planetary motions ?? Natal and transit .All 5 elements Earth,Sky,Water,Fire and Water are nothing but outcome of celestial divine play . 3 dimensions of tatwas -Shiva tatwa(completion,culmination and closure) Brahma tatwa(creation,origin) and Vishnu tatwa (life,sustain,jeevatma)-are nothing but mesmerizing art and science based play from the ultimate hero.Astrology for me is a combination of -Shastra,Tantra,Vidya ,Kala and Vigyan-and its beyond truth,verification and introspection(see science and technology both are included with art too).It indeed is the last, final and ongoing -motion of that ultimate hero, its the ultimate truth .In order to understand this -one needs to understand the artistic(kala) nature of Brahmand nayak, needs to know the shastra(technology and algorithms), needs to know -shastra(theory and language of it), needs to learn the concept (vidya) and be aware of vigyaan(sceince).

Feel free to contact me for guidance on either topic.
Yours sincerely, Sopaan Noor.


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