The Journey

Ek lamhe main simat gaya hai sadiyon ka safar..
Zindagi tej..bohot tej chali ho jaise..
Ummeed se jyada hi mila hai aksar
Haathon se sab kuch choo liya ho jaise..
Kyun nahi milta sukoon-e-dil tu bataa e NOOR magar..
Fir bhi bohot sara jeene ki kwahish ho jaise…


Vidwan Dr BalaMuraliKrishna


Vidwan Dr BalaMuraliKrishna is no more. I am not capable enough to say if he is one of the greatest musicians who lived on this earth. Though his ever smiling face while effortlessly rendering vocal music ( I didn’t see him play Mridangam or Violin yet, which knowledgeable people say he had same mastery over), his establishment of definition of classical music – in terms of the music that passes the test of time, his voice full of emotion as if the God indeed is surrounding us and encouragement to find him within us through the sound, and above all a symbolic of beautiful river that flows between tradition to innovation, south to north, smile to bliss, composer to singer, performer to discoverer, and sound to spirituality with ease, will always keep inspiring us. Being a percussionist myself, Dr BalaMurali  has been the factor in my life to start searching for sound in my throat and motivating me enough to allow this sound to happen and follow the same. Incidentally this has taken me to be born again few days back, this time as a classical singer myself. Bowing down.


Trekking to HarishandraGarh

Type—-Hill Fort
Height above mean sea level—-4671 feet
Base Village—-Khireshwar (Kothala & Pachnai are also base village from other sides)
Sights to visit—-Number of Caves, About 100 years old temple of Lord Shiva, Kokan Kada , a big Shivling
Difficulty Rating —-Above Average

The Team—-
Asawari Dinesh Teredesai, Nisha Dholakia, Harshad Prabhu ,
Jiby Mathew, Zeenat Sikilkar, Brajesh Dave , Chandrashekhar Divekar ,
Dayalan Nataraj , Gaurav Hada , Kshama Upadhyay, Mandar Ravindra Salvi , Rajendra Patade , Ramprasad Raghavan , Rohan Jadhav ,Santosh Sarma ,Sasank Kuntimaddi , Shruti Rao , Swapnil Sapre , Sumit Mahajan ,Atul Arvind

Date-27th Oct..

The Season-The best ever on earth

(Hey ,What is the best season on the earth??)

“ When spring comes, and in the soft air the buds are breaking on the trees, and they are covered with blossoms, we feel, How beautiful is Spring!

And when the summer comes, and covers the trees with its heavy foliage, and singing birds are among the branches,we feel, How beautiful is Summer!

When autumn loads them with golden fruit, and their leaves bear the gorgeous tint of frost, we feel, How beautiful is Autumn!

And when it is sere winter, and there is neither foliage nor fruit, then I look up through the leafless branches as we never could until now, and see the stars shine.”

The joy of being exhausted by reaching on the top of the great mountain,the joy of feeling refreshed drenched besides some river side/sea shore,the joy of having soothing feeling surrounded by the greenary ..

One just cannot compare them with each other..

What say if you can experience all in one go?Yes friends it was the place we visited..

The major attraction of Harishchandragad is Kokan Kada . Its beyond description, one should actually see it to experience the nature’s architecture. Konkan kada should be visited in the evening as well as morning. In evening one is enchanted by the sunset where as in the morning one can experience the divine feeling of being in the heavens. Taramati and Rohidas , the two peaks atop Harishchandragad, are also worth visiting as they offer beautiful views of the sahyadri ranges. The ancient temple of Lord Shiva atop Harishchandragad is also good sight for observing. An ancient temple and the caves present at the base village Khireshwar are also worth seeing.


If you imagine you are looking at it from above, you immediately notice the thin blue lines that highlight the great abundance of mountains and peaks, the most important of which is the Taramati Peak, for centuries both an affliction and a delight for the area.The height is such that one can have unobstructed view of Konkan(the westmost area in Maharashtra) from one of the points-Konkan Kada..

In the undulating areas towards outlined by the deep valleys, we find hills that are rich in history.

Ancient historical periods are intertwined here, leaving their indelible marks, starting from the tapasya of Vishvamitra for the throne of Devarshi ,his test for the truthfulness of King Harishandra,then Maratha’a win of Harishandragarh over mugals under the able guidance of Shivaji .

We left Pune at 5AM in the morning ,reached the base at 12noon.Started trekking and reached the Gad by 5PM. We also went to Konkan Kada the same day.Certain villagers prepared the dinner for us .

Woke up at 6AM the next morning ,reached at the top Taramati Peak.Also had darshan of Lord Shiva in a mesmerizing temple.

Started getting down at around 11 AM and reached Pune by 6PM.

What the member’s say?

Atul Arvind-
The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched, but are felt in the heart. – Helen Keller

Swapnil Sapre-
“Dard Kaafi hai bekhudi Ke liye,Maut Zaruri hai Zindagi Ke liye,Kaun marta hai Kisi Ke Liye,Hum to Zinda hai sirf Ghumne-Ghumaaane Ke liye…”

Harshad Prabhu-
“Life is like having a cup of tea.
You sit by the side of the window, lift the cup and take a careless sip, Only to realize, somebody forgot to put the sugar. Too lazy to go for it you somehow struggle through the sugarless cup.

Until you discover undissolved sugar crystal sitting
at the bottom…”

At Last
“Manzilien unhi ko milti hai,jinke sapno mein jaan hoti hai…
Pankh se kuch nahi hota,sirf hoslon ki udaan hoti hai….”

My stint in Goa

I was in Goa for almost an year and understood ,what a beautiful destination it was to be -not for the beaches ,nor for the culture it encapsulates but for the people it contains.They are so devoted and simple.

One really cannot enjoy Goa in a tour of say 6/7 days by experiencing paragliding,scooba diving ,parachuting and all.Adventure is one thing and divine pleasure is altogether another .

I was staying in Verna- a small town very near to the business capital -Margao.
An ideal town for the freaking out.Going to my workspace by a cycle ,I bought for 1850 bucks.
Nice highway that conncts 3 major cities of the Goa-Margao,Panjim and Vasco..

Every alternate evening used to go to Majorda beach ,which happen to be the nearest well known beach from my residence.

Waiting for the weekends ,which are spent mostly out of Verna-sometimes in the Ponda (the religious city for the Hindus)roaming around and having darshan of the Gods/godesses(Shantadurga-Kavalem,Mahalaxmi,Mangeshi,Ramnathi) and sometimes thinking about for the national future traveling in a Kadamba bus to longer roads ,alone towards south most Goa (canacona-my favorite spot) where many days I have spent with myself in the Palolem beach .

tanha rhena apne mein ek kala haidost-
dosti,rishte -nato mein se pare samjhne ka who pal haijo kam hi ata hai
or phirhamien kuch jatla kar chal jata hai
tanhayi ka maatlab samjho ,tanhayi mein rhena sikho
tanhayi se tum milkar dekho
tanhayi koi bhoot nahin hai
tanhayi achoot nahin hai
aksar tumne socha hoga -aksar tumne jana hoga
ki tanha rhene se tumne
apne ap ko phechana hoga

It was this beach where I have captured one of the most beautiful scenery in my Camera..

Then I meet Ameya -with whom on ETERNO ,I explored the remotest parts of the Goa ,the towns, the festivals and the ultimate.

We spent our weekend evenings -listening and singing the songs in praise of the lord in various temples around Ponda.At home in Wadi and Talulim ,we accompanied each other for lifting ourselves in the great depth of knowledge in Indian Classical Music.

Initially we picked the raag Yaman-the king of all ragas and then Bhim Palaasi .It went for 7 months under the able guidance of Pt.Kamlakar Naik .We used to learn from him on Sundays -where I was just giving  accompaniment with sundry student artists coming for the vocal training under him under the AGRA Khayal and Dhrupad style of singing..

The delicious fish curry(and especially Machral-Bagda),was the icing on the cake..

So many simple ,enthusiastic and energetic people with their bindaas philosophy to live -will always be with me to the limitless..

Dance as though no one is watching; Sing as though no one is listening; Love as though you’ve never been hurt; and live as though heaven is here on earth!
– By Satchel Paige or Rumi
[Wrote like no one will read it.]

What a great philosophy to travel through life’s journey with! Tough one to follow – but nonetheless a nice source of inspiration! Learn from the past. Release yourself from the past. Live the present moment. Enjoy..

Ghalib ki street

Faiz ki baat alag hai,

Ghalib ka mizzaj alag hai..

Noor ki kya kahe,

Unka to andaj-e-bayan alag hai;-)

Little is known aboy Roomi’s love for animals and Ghalib’s love for butterflies.

I think i am the only one who knows this ;-)..Let me explore/


Hame Ghalib ki street me mat bhejo..

Wahan Titliyaan bohot hai…

Roomi ke aangan me bhej do..

Waha Bakariyan bohot hai..

Chingaari yaaa Dhamaka

कुछ वक्त ही हुआ है उसे सोचते हुवे

तपती रेत मे नंगे पैर चलता सा लगता है |

कब से सुरों मैं खोज रहा है उसको

वोह सुर नही सुरों की परछाई मैं उलझा सा लगता है |


वोह सिहरन भी अभी तक याद है ‘नूर ’ ,

दिल के दरियां का दलदल सा हुआ लगता है |


पैर हिलते है , मचलते है ,थिरकते है

पर धडकनों का धुँआ सा उड़ा लगता है |


आगे का रास्ता धुएं मैं कहीं खो सा गया है ऐ – दोस्त,

यह शायद दिल के ही कहीं जलने का असर सा लगता है |


हर चाप पर मंजिल दूर जा रही है,

कही वोह उल्टे पैर बढ़ता सा लगता है |


डरना मत मैं तेरे साथ हूँ ऐसा कहाँ था उसने,

पर शरीर पहुँच से दूर कहीं काफूर हुवा सा लगता है |


ख़ुद का नाम भी अब तो लब पर आता नही दोस्तों,

वोह तो अब अपने आप से भी जुदा हुवा सा लगता है |


जिन्दगी पतझड़ के पत्तों का ढेर बन गयी है,

हर आवाज़ का आवाज का आग का सरसराना सा लगता है |


बस किस्सी तरह कहीं से आग लग जाएँ ईन पत्त्तों पर,

उसी किसी चिंगारी या धमाके के इन्तेजार मैं खोया सा लगता है ||