Vidwan Dr BalaMuraliKrishna


Vidwan Dr BalaMuraliKrishna is no more. I am not capable enough to say if he is one of the greatest musicians who lived on this earth. Though his ever smiling face while effortlessly rendering vocal music ( I didn’t see him play Mridangam or Violin yet, which knowledgeable people say he had same mastery over), his establishment of definition of classical music – in terms of the music that passes the test of time, his voice full of emotion as if the God indeed is surrounding us and encouragement to find him within us through the sound, and above all a symbolic of beautiful river that flows between tradition to innovation, south to north, smile to bliss, composer to singer, performer to discoverer, and sound to spirituality with ease, will always keep inspiring us. Being a percussionist myself, Dr BalaMurali  has been the factor in my life to start searching for sound in my throat and motivating me enough to allow this sound to happen and follow the same. Incidentally this has taken me to be born again few days back, this time as a classical singer myself. Bowing down.



Rains in Chennai

Why Indra devta(the rain god) is getting angry towards karthikeya (the army Commander-in-Chief and the Tamiḻ kaṭavuḷ (“god of the Tamils”) . I got some time today to analyse the case further with a pen and a piece of paper ,The son of Krittika and the warrior is in Virgo with dragon’s head, Venus and the axis nodes .While his second/shadow house (Scorpio) is occupied by Sun god himself with Mercury and Saturn, creating a catastrophic combination. This not only is the indication of the house in deep solitude and quarrels(Sun VS Saturn in Mars’s home-more than Mars VS Sun).The husband of Devasena (Indra’s daughter) is on travel to South West Asia (The sign Virgo-6th sign of the zodiac-creating some accidents in Syria and Paris) , while mighty Saturn has arrested Sun in prison in Scorpio. Sun will not get past Saturn until Nov 30th (13 degress) , and so the wait to improve the situation .