The new year: New hope

I am promoter of freedom and peace around the world!!I have always thought it’s the greatest feeling when people smile when they have looked at some thing I have created!I hope you smile at my creations, and the following link is a beautiful step in that direction.

Just finished my tour of West India, that was prominently about meeting some great people.
I would definitely mention my meet up with Toshiyuki Takatao, who some 2 years back has discussed with me about learning the Indian drums.I was just mesmerised by the energy level of Toshi and always wanted to meet, greet and hug him.Fortunately we personally met at Pdt.Suresh ji’s place at Pune.
In the meantime I also started to setup a music studio with the assistance of Shashi at Yash Classic.Some videos and audios have been recorded and editing is still pending.

In France, Laurentz and his wife are doing really great by spreading the Indian Classical Music(Tabla & Sitar) in Mercelie.My friend Maxim Brune is also improving as a performer day by day and soon I wish to play a jugalbandi with him in France!!!

My artist -india profile is active, thanks to Milnd Kulkarni .

After celebrating the Gudi Padwa, I can sense and feel the new joy and refreshment for the coming year.