Interview of backpacker

The interview was taken when our team conquered Harischandra Garh – the second highest mountain peak in Maharashtra after Kalsubaai :-).

As the coordinator of the team,the interviewer from Channel-W approached me and here are the excerpts of the interview–

What was the difficultly faced during your journey?

See there are three things –Ration,Fashion and Passion.
When one does certain thing for a ration(money)-there is difficulty.
When one does something for Fashion- there is difficulty.
But when one does something for the sake of passion-there is no difficulty but celebration all the way.

What was the most exciting stage ?

Excitement(agitation)is a weakness,which makes one away from the god.Any journey is a real simulation of being one with the highness.There is path ,one has to cover and there is no room for cheer,sorrow etc.Once you achieve the target ,there is another journey waiting for you.Where is the scope of excitement in all these scheme of things?Or putting in a different way ,everyone’s life is a “Prasad”,just take it and go on.What joy and where is sadness?

In fact when the vision is for 1 year,you cultivate flowers and get excited by seeing it on every morning.When your vision is for 10 years ,you cultivate trees and get excited after seeing it growing,but when one’s vision is for infinity-these things doesn’t matter much to him/her,he starts cultivating himself and others .This is a journey –my way of journey.Alone- in search of the truth ,in search of myself ,no targets away from the clutter/mob near to the infinite galaxies.

Would you like to give some advice for the travelers?

Everyone should travel ,go for long journeys –they teach one a lot .Being with oneself ,one starts understanding inner self better,one learns about how difficult the life is,and how simple can it be made.
Just keep your paraphernalia minimum and flexible.And the best part is when in the Rome -be like Romans,do what Romans do and eat what Romans eat.