Jiyra ho gaya ab malang

ना चाहिए किसीका संग
जियरा हो गया अब नूरंग

लढनी  है आज बड़ी यह जंग
गहरी है खाई ऊँचा पर्वत दबंग

बनानी है आज बड़ी यह सुरंग
उडानी है आज दूर सूरज तक पतंग

कैसी है यह तरंग , कैसा है यह रंग
नाच है गली गली अपना अपना ढंग ….



मैंने उसे तलाश किया , उसकी बातों मे, उसके लहजे में
उसकी तस्वीरों में , उसके रंगीन कपड़ों में,
उसके सामानो में, और उसके …हर तरफ हर जगह , कहा नही
वो मिला नहीं …कहीं नहीं लेकिन
जब शुरू किया लिखना , उसके बारें में
इंशाल्लाह वोह ‘नूर’, हर एक लफ्ज में अशर में..सियाही की हर एक बूँद में हाजिर था ॥

I will build a home- for you, for me ;-)

Tujhe accha lage vo likhun…..
Ya apne jajbaat likhun 😉


I am a tad daunted by how far behind in the blog I have become. I spend SO much time at the computer that it’s hard to extend that time even further to the blog. Right now I’ve been at the computer since midday, working on knowing and searching for some good and advanced material on leadership,entrepreneurship,finances,Indian Music,Japanese musicians and their role on spreading Indian Music,International Exchange Programs on Indian Classical Music at Rotterdam University, where Pdt. Hariprasd Chourasia ji is heading the group,schedules of Shubhaji and Aneesh ji; to the extent that I have hardly got time to focus onto the unfinished threads I’ve started in Poetry.

It’s funny. I’m the same kind of writer. Outside of elementary school writing, I don’t know what I’m doing. But all through my undergrad and then graduate studies, I always have done quite well with what I have written. The big difference is writing is a painful process for me. I struggle through the process and always look forward to the completed document or piece of art. But with Music it’s the opposite. I think I love the process more than the final product in music, and that in itself suggests who is calling me:-0)

Anyways…..Now the good news or should I say A BREAKING NEWS 😉 !!!

Tum mujhe kabhi dil, kabhi aankhon se pukaro,
Ye hothon ki taqalluf to auron ke liye hai…;-)

Well, after a long life till now- full of failures and struggle and being a vagabond, it seems I am setteled (do you have any doubts) and taken the biggest decision of my life- of rejecting to go all alone,to make the life more beautiful, to make surroundings filled with joy to the hilt(which I am afraid if I can do double handedly).I am happy, excited and looking forward when I will make the world fall on my feetfull of peace and harmony with little bunch of people who understand me and are there with me all through the life –more importantly ‘unconditionally’.

Zamin per apne kam mil rahe the,
Socha shaayad koi hoga sitaaron mein ….
Wahaan se koi jo mera aayaa,
Goya zamin per har koi shumar ho gaya apno mein !!!


Now, I am not going to stand here and tell you that failure is fun. That period of my life was a dark one, and I had no idea that there was going to be what the press has since represented as a kind of fairy tale resolution. I had no idea how far the tunnel extended, and for a long time, any light at the end of it was a hope rather than a reality.

It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.

Failure gave me an inner security that I had never attained by passing examinations. Failure taught me things about myself that I could have learned no other way. I discovered that I had a strong will, and more discipline than I had suspected; I also found out that I had friends and teachers whose value was truly above rubies.

Shabnam naa chubh jaayen,
Jab Kaaton ki aadat ho 😉

The knowledge that you have emerged wiser and stronger from setbacks means that you are, ever after, secure in your ability to survive. You will never truly know yourself, or the strength of your relationships, until both have been tested by adversity. Such knowledge is a true gift, for all that it is painfully won, and it has been worth more to me than any qualification I ever earned.

Given a time machine or a Time Turner, I would tell my 29-year-old self that personal happiness lies in knowing that life is not a check-list of acquisition or achievement. Your qualifications, your CV, are not your life, though you will meet many people of my age and older who confuse the two. Life is difficult, and complicated, and beyond anyone’s total control, and the humility to know that will enable you to survive its vicissitudes.

The academic season is starting again and my Music is calling me dearly as well.Some interesting thoughts and threads that I have infact started while travelling or by talking/via email, need my attention as well –as a Poet and Writer.

“Dil bhi bachche ki tarah jid pe ada baitha hai
Chahiye to sab kuch nahi to kuch bhi nahi….” 🙂 😉

This is December ..this verily is the month of December

ये दिसंबर है , ये दिसंबर है
ये दिसंबर का सर्द पानी है

भीगा भीगा सा सूरज है
नीली नीली से रोशनाई है

धडकता हुआ दिल और पुरवाई है
बेखबर बहकी हुई सी गहराई है –नूर


Krishna-Truth or Myth

ना शोले में वो जलवा है , ना बर्फ में वो ठंडक
तुम्हारे साथों में लगता है जैसे कोई हो मरहम ।

रगों में दौड़ने , चलने को हम नहीं समझते
खौलता लहू तो आँखों से निकले है हरदम

इनसानी टोलिया , भेडो के आगे पीछे , काटों जंजालों में
तेरे साथ जैसे अनगिनत बालिश्तें जमीने हो गयी हो नूरम नूरम ।।-नूर (साक्षात्कार परदेशों में )

My learnings in astrology and jyotisha -has assured and taught me and that is instrumental in making what i am today.I now understand that a rich man may be chronically unhealthy and pray all the time for health. In the next life, he may be born as a strong and healthy person with no money and no education. Now he may pray all the time for wealth or education. Getting the best in everything (money, family life, heath, education, name etc) is not easy and often does not happen in the same life. Some blessed souls realize it and learn to become happy with whatever god gives.This explains the chakras of one’s life(houses) -characters of planets(grahas)-all in one.

I’m fed up with this era of impatience & instant gratification. I want this era to end. And I want that to happen RIGHT NOW. ;-).Saw a beautiful movie -“Krishna -History or a Myth”,produced and directed by my drona guru Dr Manish Pandit-interesting that i saw this on a Christmas day at Los Angels.I am convinced -God is clever. God sometimes gives what you asked for earlier, when you no longer want it and want something else. You may forget, but god remembers everything you ever asked for! He sometimes gives you what you asked for right away. But, with some (especially those closer to moksha), He plays more games, for THEIR own benefit.ImageImage

Aasmani KadamTaal

आओ आज हम जाने समझ ले अपने आपको ,
कुछ कह ले दुनिया से ,पर बहुत कुछ पहले अपने आप से ,
आहे कदम बढ़ाये-हाथ थाम कर -निरंतर ,कदमताल ,
खयालों की छुट्टी कर-बिरयानी बनाकर ,
कसम खाएं , उन आसमानों को छूने की,और ना सहने की

Opening up Soul

What’s worth fighting for?
Right? Rights? Truth? Integrity? Success?
Is it too much to aim for these within myself- in my environment-in society-in another person?
Yes I have the option to say no, be passive-aggressive, or simply leave.
That’s what I do in most cases- just leave.
I had myself convinced that it was the right thing, the righteous thing.
Basically, go blacken your souls but I am taking mine out of harms way.
Why does this suddenly seem so cowardly?
Why do all those things that sounded like unimaginative-brain-conditioning-suddenly loom large?
Things like; this is life, learn to face it, you can’t always have it your way, the world is corrupt and inefficient, incompetent and wholly lacking in integrity, morals or work ethics, and they don’t want you if you’re any different, and you have got to learn to work with the system.
Yes, I’ve seen, it’s true that the most worthy and important jobs are handled by the most grabbing, mediocre, myopic persons,So what’s my dharma?

Stick around these types till I have my turn, wander till I find the right people, work hard and good on the fringes? What what what?

As usual, wander seems like a good plan. But I’ll make bloody sure I don’t wander in the moment. That’s all I ever have-the dreams, wander alone till i ….