Story of Propoganda and Hype

i am opposing vaccinations.My objections are that it does not work; it is unnatural, that the human race has survived healthily for countless generations without them and that homeopathy provides a better alternative that is both safe and effective.

Interestingly there have been sure shot and reliable medicines which heal very quick – for cough,cold,catarrah,cholera,sciatica,malaria,headache,backpain,exhaustion(nervous,mental,physical)- and other multitude of chronic and acute cases in homeopathy.For this allopaths and physicians keeps charging and confusing patients and themselves for days and months.

What a pity it is-that pharma companies having huge money- drive the false campaigns and buy the ad/media channels to sell their medicines.I have seen many who too oppose vaccinations-yet, I am not typical because many of those who oppose vaccination know nothing about homeopathy, and unfortunately they object for political or religious reasons, that lie beyond the scope of medical practice..

Please oppose these allopaths and doctors -and all those practitioners who essentially believe in the pro-vaccine propaganda and just keep repeating it like a mantra without looking at the facts. It is like a form of voluntary brainwashing.


Bubbly Life and Happiness

For the last couple of nights it has been my duty to sing some lullabies for Dear Samarth and make him to sleep at 1 AM , on the way i happened to recall some of the finest f the Ghazals of Mehdi Hassan Sahab, Hari ji(haran) and Talat bhai(Ajij).My fancy for ghazals and urdu lyrics has re-emerged and slowly making myself to extend some of the ghazals(with due creative common’s credit to original creator ) in terms of different tunes or addition of more couplets/maqtas.

Hasti apni habaab ki si hai
Ye numaish saraab ki si hai
-Mir Taqi Mir

This life of ours is bubble-like
A vast display mirage-like

nah tha kuchh to khuda tha kuchh nah hota to khuda hota
duboya mujh ko hone ne nah hota maiñ to kya hota

Hum wahaan hain jahaan se hamko bhee
kuchch hamaaree khabar naheen aatee


‘Koi mila tho haath milayaa kahin gaye do baatein ki

Ghar se baahar jab bhi nikalaa din bhar bhoj uthaayaa hai’

-Rustam Sahgalwafa


Focusing on happiness is an uncomfortable thing. Not only does it take away from the spontaneity of it, it actually takes the feeling away. Basically that you can never be happy and aware of the fact at the same time. I used to think that not only was this a frightening thing, but also that it reeked of a certain petulance.

Ab koi khaab sajane mein bhi dar lagta hai,
Lag gayi mujh ko zamaane ki nazar lagta hai!!


Naada Roop, Naada Rang, Naada Sundari
Naada Surya, Naada Chandra, Naada Madhukari !!

There is Music(Naada) in Beauty, There is Music(Naada) in Colors and The ultimate divine mother (Sundari-Maharoopa) is herself made of energies of Music(Naada).The striking brightness and heat of Sun and soothing calmness of Moon -submerge into universal cycle of Music.Nectar(Prasadam/Madhukari) and food (Madhukar) are also embodiment of divine Naada(Music).

Naada Urdhwa, Naada Adhar, Naada Roopini.
Naada Disha, Naada Prahhar, Naada Ranjini !!

There is Music in the Skies(Urdhwa), There is Music in the core of universe(Adhar), The Goddess(Mahamaya-Maharoopini) also is bonded by the divine rhythms of the Music.There is Music in every direction(Disha), There is Music in the beginning of the Day(Prahar) and There is Music culminating the Day(Mahakali -symbolizing the darkness before enlightenment)

Naada NOOR,Naada Guru, Naada Palini..
Naada Vaacha, Naad Bhakti, Naad Shanakari !!

There is Naada in Guru’s divine blessings and knowledge imparted , There is Music in the beloved care of Mother and Father(in the form of Param Shakti-Palini).
The Poet NOOR bows down and requests-with words(Vaacha) and with faith(Bhakti)-to the ultimate divine mother (Shanakari)- make me NAADMAY(submerg me into divine pleasures of Music)..