Sonali Ghalib or Mirja Bendre

Kaoun jane ki Ghalib ko Aam kyun pasand hote the..
Koi naa jane Aouliya akele khajoor itne kyun khate the..
Kuch log julfon main ungliyan kar khusi mehsoos karte the..
Noor-khud ko Sonali Bendre main dekh kar uchal lete the;-)


Ghalib ki street

Faiz ki baat alag hai,

Ghalib ka mizzaj alag hai..

Noor ki kya kahe,

Unka to andaj-e-bayan alag hai;-)

Little is known aboy Roomi’s love for animals and Ghalib’s love for butterflies.

I think i am the only one who knows this ;-)..Let me explore/


Hame Ghalib ki street me mat bhejo..

Wahan Titliyaan bohot hai…

Roomi ke aangan me bhej do..

Waha Bakariyan bohot hai..

Mohabbat pare hai khushiyon se ..mohaabaat pare hai har tarah ke gamon se..

Pip bahati hai galate hue naasuron se..

Chaand dharati per aata hai pichwade ki khidkiyo se..

Kartab kartab karwati hai..yeh mohabbat apne jamuron se.

Mohabbat pare hai khushiyon se ..mohaabaat pare hai har tarah ke gamon se..

Mujhe sab pata hai

Teri pyaar ki manjil kahan hai- mujhe pataa hai..

Tere kadmon ki aahat ne mujhe bataya hai..!

Teri jaan koun hai , kahan hai -mujhe pata hai ..

Tere dil ki dhadknon ne mujhe bataya hai..!

Tere andar chupaa koun hai-muje pataa hai ..

Teri saanson ne mujhe sab bataya hai…!

Tu har samay,har pal kise sochta hai, kisliye rota hai “Noor”-mujhe sab pata hai ..

Tere aansuon ne mujhe sab bataya hai…!!

Everyone knows that industrialists like G D Birla funded the Congress and the national movement. But it is not clear that they received proper receipts for the money they gave and that the Congress maintained detailed accounts of how precisely they spent the money. This tradition continued after Independence , of industrialists funneling money to political parties without formal acknowledgement and of parties spending the money without detailed accounting. The difference is that if the purpose was, earlier, to keep one Gandhi in poverty, the money is now used to keep an entire tribe in obscene luxury and insatiable greed.

I do not think parties win elections by money power though the parties certainly can’t win without money.

Hazare was saying that he doesn’t take any money but spreads his word walking around Maharashtra.
I recall a comment by Sarojini Naidu about Mahatma Gandhi and G D Birla  – it costs quite a bit of money to keep Gandhi poor.
i think we need a Jana-Gana-Mana Lokpal-to decide who is mature enough to vote.Corporates, media and NGOs, who play a pivotal role in opinion formation, must also come under the scanner of Jana-Gana-Mana Lokpal;-)

Maoists and other Gandhians! have been doing similar protests against injustice  from  the government  for the ages -why Anna is getting so much lime light? They will not get even five minutes on our news channels.

Because there was no strong media-television, corporate culture then?

Because -Anna protests are coming form top layer of society, the Maoists protests are from grass root level?

Why Anna gets 24×7 coverage on T.V. while more than 10,000 protestors in Koodankulam doesn’t even get 5 mins on news channels?

Is it a fashion to do a walk for Anna, wear a Anna cap.

Either we have a Jana-Gana-Mana Lokpal for Media,Corporates,NGOs  And Corruption – or nothing. Either control everything- or make it free as open/limitless natural resource.

Let society and people take care and deal it in their own ways.

I will  NOT wear Anna cap.

Revisting Relativity

Ek lamhe main simat gaya hai sadiyon ka safar..

Zindagi tej..bohot tej chali ho jaise..

Ummeed se jyada hi mila hai aksar

Haathon se sab kuch choo liya ho jaise..

Kyun nahi milta sukoon-e-dil tu bataa e NOOR magar..

Fir bhi bohot sara jeene ki kwahish ho jaise…


Yesterday i just demonstrated over a discussion on relativity-how scientific and aestheticallyt beautiful are the objects (living and non living equally) surrounding us, only if we have a flavor and passion(should i say time as well) to look and observe them.

Much has happened in he last couple of years. i realized myself that -world is so unassumingly beautiful. It almost has made me believe that life is all about just that – Art and Beauty. But only almost, because during my lifespan , I have met more human mediocrity than I have had managed to have deep breathes. This dichotomy between the sublime and the unbearably mundane is too much to handle.

This! This I think must be the reason why I feel that I have just spent the fastest year-and-a-half of my life;-).

Feels like a lot and absolutely nothing.

Love..and cheers

Pressed and Provoked

Last few days(or shall i say months), i was relatively glued to television for various serial events that have taken place.India-England test match(just one of them),Ramdeo Baba, Anna Hazare and his team , Sri Sri Ravishankar, Brahmakumaris,Chidambaram, 2G scam has taken most of my television time.To the extent that i have made a riyaaz sitting in a place in front of the TV.

Well T.V is no more now-thanks to the Squirrel and my focused riyaaz time is increasing .Though  -Champak,BrainWave,Business India,Business Today, Health & Nutrition,Linux For You,Economic Times,Outlook Traveler -editions are piling up needing my attention for a read finish.

i am in solace now- though it has pressed and provoked me to think without distractions and without getting biased  on Ramdeo Babara, corruption, black money , Anna Hazare and R P Singh/Ashish Nehra’s future.

Why do our existing cases take so long to resolve? Is investigation of murder, violence less important than corruption? Or will all crimes disappear once we catch a few corrupt? In fact, simpler social issues like divorce, property disputes, probably cause more pain and anxiety to many, many people. Do they not deserve a reasonably quick resolution? If corruption cases are fast-tracked, would the resolution of the others not get further delayed. Isn’t it obvious that not the laws but it is the delivery of justice which needs repair.

In fact, I find it ironic that the “biggest scam” of India – the 2G scam – has probably made more people’s lives far better than anything else in India!yes i ventured to say this-even though i am a musician and artist at heart and dislike usage of technology/electronics in art .  It is amazing to see the impact of cell phones on India – especially, the non-affluent, e.g. the rickshaw pullers, the vegetable hawkers, the plumbers. The list goes on.

I am going to my routine music riyaaz.May be that will help understand why the interactions between not so smart people makes democracy work:-) .

Chingaari yaaa Dhamaka

कुछ वक्त ही हुआ है उसे सोचते हुवे

तपती रेत मे नंगे पैर चलता सा लगता है |

कब से सुरों मैं खोज रहा है उसको

वोह सुर नही सुरों की परछाई मैं उलझा सा लगता है |


वोह सिहरन भी अभी तक याद है ‘नूर ’ ,

दिल के दरियां का दलदल सा हुआ लगता है |


पैर हिलते है , मचलते है ,थिरकते है

पर धडकनों का धुँआ सा उड़ा लगता है |


आगे का रास्ता धुएं मैं कहीं खो सा गया है ऐ – दोस्त,

यह शायद दिल के ही कहीं जलने का असर सा लगता है |


हर चाप पर मंजिल दूर जा रही है,

कही वोह उल्टे पैर बढ़ता सा लगता है |


डरना मत मैं तेरे साथ हूँ ऐसा कहाँ था उसने,

पर शरीर पहुँच से दूर कहीं काफूर हुवा सा लगता है |


ख़ुद का नाम भी अब तो लब पर आता नही दोस्तों,

वोह तो अब अपने आप से भी जुदा हुवा सा लगता है |


जिन्दगी पतझड़ के पत्तों का ढेर बन गयी है,

हर आवाज़ का आवाज का आग का सरसराना सा लगता है |


बस किस्सी तरह कहीं से आग लग जाएँ ईन पत्त्तों पर,

उसी किसी चिंगारी या धमाके के इन्तेजार मैं खोया सा लगता है ||